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Wind Turbine Inspection Video Borescopes

Proactive, regular wind turbine maintenance is essential to consistently produce stable and reliable wind power energy. For dependable, high-quality remote visual inspection (RVI) of wind turbine gearboxes, Evident offers IPLEX™ videoscope kits as turnkey solutions.

Inspection of Wind Turbines

Wind turbine maintenance relies on the regular inspection of turbine parts, including enclosed, difficult-to-access spaces. Without the proper equipment, wind turbine inspection can be difficult and time-consuming, resulting in extended periods of downtime and interrupting energy generation.

Our wind turbine inspection video borescopes enable you to look inside of a wind turbine for easy visual inspection of the gearbox. We offer kits that include oil clearing optical tip adapters and oil-resistant coating insertion tubes to prevent oil from obstructing your view and for easy post-inspection cleanup.

Our durable, lightweight models provide compact, easy-to-carry equipment for on-site inspections. Our wind turbine inspection kits offer interchangeable insertion tubes so you can replace your primary scope if it gets damaged, avoiding downtime during inspections.

Visual Inspection Kits for Wind Turbine Maintenance

Wind Gearbox Inspection Kit
Wind Gearbox Inspection Kit

IPLEX G Lite-W Videoscope

  • Sealed, oil clearing optical tip adapter to prevent oil ingress and adhesion into/onto the tip adapter
  • Wide focus optics tailored to a gearbox inspection
  • Oil-resistant coating on the insertion tube for easy post-inspection cleaning
  • Compact and lightweight body for use in a confined nacelle
Versatile Handheld Kit
Versatile Handheld Kit 

IPLEX G Lite Videoscope

  • Interchangeable optical adapters for detailed inspection
  • Oil clearing optical tip adaptor to draw oil away from the scope lens
  • Compact and lightweight body suitable for use in a confined nacelle
  • Upgradable to stereo measurement model
Large 8-Inch Monitor Kit
Large 8-Inch Monitor Kit

IPLEX GT Videoscope

  • 8-inch large monitor for easy observation
  • Interchangeable optical adapters for detailed inspection
  • Oil clearing optical adapter to draw oil away from the scope lens
  • Interchangeable scope to use as a spare or for both wind gearbox and blade inspection
  • Upgradable to stereo measurement model

Wind Turbine Inspection Accessories 

We offer a variety of accessories to improve your wind gearbox inspection efficiency:

LED Guide Tube (MAJ-2535): The semiflexible guide tube with LED illumination makes it easier for you to reach the area you want to inspect and brightly illuminates the interior of large gearboxes.

Flex and Stay Tube: The slim 10 mm (0.39 in.) diameter flex and stay tube helps you to navigate the insertion tube to your target in a small space by forming it to your desired shape.

Magnet Hook and Arm: The magnet hook and arm enable you to fix the borescope inspection tools in a comfortable position for efficient inspections in a cramped nacelle.

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