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Prüfgeräte und Dickenmesser
Prüfköpfe/Sensoren und Zubehör für Prüfgeräte
Messköpfe und Zubehör für Dickenmesser
Prüfköpfe/Sonden für die Rohrprüfung
Prüfköpfe/Sonden und Zubehör für die Bindungsprüfung
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Instrument Accessories
Order Number:U8780343
27MG Protective Rubber Boot with gage stand and shoulder straps
Order Number:U8780117
Display Protectors for the Model MG2 and 35 Series Gages, Package of 10
Order Number:U8780126
Leather Hand Strap for the 37DL Plus, 25DL Plus Series, and the EPOCH LT.
Order Number:Q7790104
Wireless adaptor for 38DL PLUS. Includes Bluetooth dongle (LINK-BT), adaptor bar (38-LINK-AB) and English getting started leaflet (10-008853-01EN).
Order Number:Q7790095
Wireless adaptor for 38DL PLUS. Includes adaptor bar (38-LINK-AB) and English getting started leaflet (10-008853-01EN). Does not include a dongle.
Order Number:Q7790113
Wireless adaptor for 38DL PLUS. Includes Wireless LAN dongle for U.S. and Canada (USBWIFI-NA-1), adaptor bar (38-LINK-AB) and English getting started leaflet (10-008853-... read more
Order Number:U8779371
38DLP Hand Strap (Ambidextrous)
Order Number:U8902895
Neck strap, four point shoulder harness
Order Number:U8780320
45MG Wrist Strap
Order Number:Q7790122
Olympus programmed Bluetooth USB dongle for use with the 38-Link wireless adaptor.
Order Number:Q1470001
Software application and Bluetooth dongle (WEDGE-BT) that allows data transfer into an active program. Designed for use with Windows 7 and Windows 10 operating systems.
Order Number:Q7800064
Wireless LAN dongle for North American region.

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