Vessel Inspection Solutions

Maintain the Safety of Critical Equipment

Weld crack

Nozzle weld crack

(stress corrosion cracking)

Internal corrosion


Bolt cracking
and corrosion

Crevice corrosion

Semiautomated Phased Array and Time-of-Flight Diffraction (TOFD) for Shell Welds

Monitor the structural health of the vessel, detect service cracks, and archive your data

  • High-speed detection capabilities with intuitive imaging
  • Reduced inspection time compared to radiography
  • Immediate results enable you to detect and fix process problems right away

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Rope Access Conventional Ultrasonic Testing for Nozzles

Inspect nozzle welds for service cracks, even on top of the vessel

  • A lightweight instrument facilitates rope access inspection
  • Reduced inspection time compared to radiography
  • Immediately quantifiable results enable fast on-site analysis

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Automated Phased Array for the Cylindrical Shell

Map corrosion at high speed and look for disbonds and SCC at the clad layer

  • High-speed detection capabilities with intuitive imaging
  • Increased probability of detection with one data point every square mm
  • Up to 1mm near-surface resolution with dual linear array probes

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Manual Phased Array for Flanges and Bolts

Inspect the Sealing Surfaces of Flanges for Crevice Corrosion and Detect Cracking in Flange Bolts

  • Use the power of imaging for bolt crack detection
  • Easy access between the flange bolts with phased array probes that have a small footprint
  • Reach the flange area of interest with one sectorial phased array scan

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Rope Access Conventional Ultrasonic Testing for Spherical Shells

Spot check for corrosion

  • Easy and fast setup and detection with dedicated corrosion probes
  • High-precision measurement of remaining wall thickness
  • Reach vessel heights with a lightweight and powerful instrument

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Conventional and Phased Array Ultrasound for In-Service Vessels

Detect and map corrosion at high service temperatures

  • Save time and reduce cost with in-service inspection
  • High-resolution corrosion mapping with phased array probes up to 300 °F (150 °C)
  • Precise spot checking with conventional ultrasound up to 840 °F (450 °C)

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