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Stereo Microscopes

Olympus stereo microscopes offer a clear stereoscopic view with comfortable and ergonomic operation. We have a variety of options to suit different applications, with various optical choices and a wide range of zooms. From entry level to expert systems, you can choose simple stereo microscopes to assist with screening samples or opt for high-zoom, high-performance microscopes for advanced analysis, manipulation, and documentation. Olympus industrial stereo microscopes can fully integrate with digital cameras and image software. Used together with OLYMPUS Stream™ software solutions, you can seamlessly manage integrated operations through your stereo microscope, from basic image capture to image processing, measurement, and report generation.

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Stereo Microscopes


The SZ51 and SZ61 microscopes, deliver images with superb depth of field as well as clarity, detail, true-to-life color, and built-in ESD protection. Their dependable, high-performance optics are central to producing consistent accurate results.

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The versatile SZX16 microscope is designed for very demanding applications with the ability to resolve 900 line pair/mm. Utilization of the full zoom range can be accomplished with our dual turret.

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The SZX10 microscope is the logical choice when working distance and field size are important. Our careful system selection of lens design allows the observation and documentation of specimens in their original, authentic colors without distortion.

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The SZX7 stereo microscope, features a 7:1 zoom ratio and built in ESD protection. The microscope uses an advanced Galilean optical system, providing brilliant highly resolved images with easy access controls for comfortable viewing at an affordable price.

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Stereo Inspection Microscope FAQs

What is a stereo microscope?

A stereo microscope is a type of microscope used to provide a 3D (three-dimensional) view of a specimen or sample. Also known as a stereo zoom microscope, a stereo microscope includes separate objective lenses and two separate eyepieces, providing a different optical path for each eye. As each eye sees a slightly different angle, the end result is a three-dimensional visual.

What are the uses of a stereo microscope?

A stereo microscope is used to enable enhanced 3D viewing of specimens that are visible to the naked eye. Stereo microscopes can be used in microbiology, for example, to view plant life or insects; in mineralogy, for example, to analyze rocks or crystals; or for technical applications such as viewing circuit boards for quality control.

Industrial Stereo Microscope Resource Videos

OLYMPUS Stream: Image-Analysis Software

OLYMPUS Stream image-analysis software is advanced micro-imaging software used alongside a microscope, allowing users to seamlessly acquire, process, and measure images to create valuable data and reports with lightning speed. This video looks at the software and its features.

Metal Industry Inspection Solutions Video

This video details how microscopes and image-analysis software can be used to assist in quality control within the metal industry.

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