Scanner Accessories

CFU Couplant Feed Unit

The CFU-03 and CFU-05 are portable electric pump units used to supply constant couplant flow to wedges during ultrasonic inspections.

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TRPP 5810 Remote Pulser/Preamplifier

The TRPP 5810 unit is a high-performance remote pulser/preamplifier providing an optimum signal-to-noise ratio for TOFD inspections by combining a 40 dB preamplifier with a remote high-voltage (200 V) pulse repeater in a single, small enclosure.

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Elastomer Couplant

Aqualene is a new elastomer designed specifically for ultrasonic inspection applications. Can be applied independently of the probe.

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The Interbox is an ergonomic solution for a common problem associated with scanner accessories and connection buildup. This compact hub can connect two phased array probes, two amplified TOFD channels, in addition to eight conventional UT channels to be driven by a phased array acquisition unit. The Interbox can integrate a PA splitter, a TRPP 5810 TOFD pulser/preamplifier, and up to eight extra conventional UT connections, depending on the configuration.

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PR-06-04 – Pulser/Preamplifier for Pulse-Echo Inspection

The PR-06-04 is a four-channel pulser/preamplifier for pulse-echo. Each channel can drive a conventional UT probe for a higher gain pulse and boost the return signal, thereby improving detection and signal-to-noise ratio.

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