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Industrial Borescopes and Remote Visual Inspection Equipment

Visual Inspection Solutions

When you need to inspect difficult-to-access areas, Evident industrial borescopes and visual inspection equipment are portable, intelligent solutions that meet the demands of modern industrial inspections.

A host of advanced, intuitive features and a wide range of borescope, video borescope, and fiberscope lengths, diameters, and viewing options make our remote visual inspection solutions versatile for many applications.

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Borescopes and Remote Visual Inspection Equipment

Industrial Videoscopes

Industrial Video Borescopes

Outstanding image quality and brightness delivered to high-resolution LCD monitors enable inspectors to see into difficult-to-access locations, such as the inside of an engine or turbine. Simple to use and offering advanced features, including HD video, 3D modeling, and video and image recording, Evident video borescopes are leading visual inspection tools.

Industrial Fiberscopes

Fiberscopes are flexible instruments that use a fiber bundle to transmit images back to an ocular that inspectors look into. Their small diameter permits visual inspection in limited-access areas.

Digital Turning Tool

Enerpac Digital Turing Tool

Sweeney Digital Turning Tool

The DTT makes turbine blade inspection faster and easier by enabling a single operator to control the rotation of turbine blades while simultaneously conducting an inspection using a borescope or videoscope.

Industrial Borescope FAQs

What is a borescope?

A borescope is a type of remote visual inspection device that consists of a rigid or flexible tube that transmits images back to an ocular or, in the case of a video borescope, a screen. Inspectors use these devices to look inside difficult-to-access areas.

What is the difference between a video borescope and a borescope?

Video borescopes are a type of borescope, but they feature a video display. Borescopes are simpler instruments with fewer features. Video borescopes are versatile, durable visual inspection tools that offer many leading-edge features, including video and still image recording.

What is the difference between a borescope and an endoscope?

Industrial endoscopes and borescopes are interchangeable terms, and both refer to the same type of instrument. However, the term endoscope is more commonly applied to tools used in the medical field for diagnostic purposes in living patients. Endoscopes, like video borescopes, are a more sophisticated type of borescope with very fine maneuverability and often featuring video and still image recording capabilities.

What are industrial borescopes used for?

Industrial borescopes are used for remote visual inspection where the target area is inaccessible or would otherwise require destructive or expensive and time-consuming dismantling of the object. Borescopes are mainly used in the nondestructive inspection of manufactured products and components for defects or imperfections. Borescope inspections are used in a range of industries, including aviation, automotive, and wind turbine manufacturing and maintenance.

Learn More About Visual Inspection Equipment

Video Borescopes for aviation visual inspection

This video explores how video borescopes are used to inspect turbines in aircraft engines for quality assurance and servicing.

Video Borescopes for wind gearbox inspection

This video explores how the IPLEX G Lite-W video borescope is used to inspect wind turbine gearboxes.

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