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Webinar: Advancements in Phased Array Probes for Weld Inspection

Advancements in Phased Array Probes for Weld Inspection

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Sept 9 , 2015

Phased array probe and wedge technology plays as much a part of phased array inspection success as instrumentation and software.  Understanding probe optimization and beam limits is essential for confident repeatable inspection results.  Using the OmniScan MX2 and SX instruments, this webinar will include live demonstration of Olympus New Weld Series Probes and Olympus DMA (Dual matrix array) Probes for best practice OmniScan setup and beam characteristic measurements to ASTM 2491.  Additionally, phased array probe and wedge parameters and their effect are explained using OmniPC weld inspection data and Olympus NDT Setup Builder scan plan software.

What are the beam steering and flaw resolution limits of this probe and wedge and how are they measured?  What is the best practice for OmniScan setup of common weld joints?  These questions and more are answered using the latest Olympus phased array products.


Chris Magruder is a Global Product Support Specialist for Olympus phased array products. He has over 15 years of experience in providing global support, training and application development for phased array customers of all levels and participates in new phased array product development.

This free webinar is an important educational session for QA/QC managers, NDT managers, weld inspectors, students, and anyone else interested in phased array weld inspection technology.

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