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XRF Analysis

Evident offers a range of compact, handheld, and benchtop X-ray fluorescence (XRF) analyzers to bring the analysis to where you need it. Our analyzers provide fast, accurate, and nondestructive elemental analysis.

Portable XRF analysis can be used on location in various industries, bringing laboratory-quality results to the field. The speed of XRF also makes it perfect for automated or continuous testing on the production line. We offer analyzers purpose-built for in-line inspection. All our analyzers offer speed, power, ease of use, and accuracy for a wide range of material characterization applications.

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XRF Testing

Vanta Max and Core

Handheld XRF Analysis

Handheld XRF analyzers provide fast, accurate, and nondestructive alloy identification and elemental analysis from magnesium to uranium. Used on location for fast results, they help determine the next course of action when and where it is needed. Applications include metal alloy identification for quality control, positive material identification, scrap sorting, geochemistry for mining exploration and grade control, hazardous element screening, consumer goods and RoHS compliance testing, and precious metal analysis.

Compact and Portable XRF Analyzers

Benchtop XRF Analysis

Benchtop analyzers are compact and stylish for the consumer showroom environment. They can be used for precious metal testing in pawn and jewelry applications.

Vanta iX

In-Line XRF Analysis

In-line XRF analyzers enable 100% quality inspection of alloy tubes, rods, and billets through automated material identification and elemental analysis on the production line. Continuous 24/7 operation provides industrial process optimization for increased productivity and quality control.

XRF Analysis FAQ

What is XRF analysis used for?

XRF analysis is used to identify the elemental composition or alloy grade of a sample. It is used across a range of industries, from mining and geochemistry to scrap recycling and manufacturing. Common applications for XRF analysis include scrap sorting, manufacturing quality control, and mining and geological exploration.

What elements can XRF analysis detect?

XRF analysis can detect practically all elements, including elemental metals such as gold, silver, and titanium. This makes XRF analysis a useful technique in industries such as scrap recycling, where identifying the elemental composition of samples is integral to the process. XRF analysis is also often used in mining to determine the elemental composition of ore samples.

Do you need to calibrate XRF analyzers?

Most users find the out-of-the-box calibration of Vanta™ XRF analyzers is suitable for field analysis without any adjustment. The Axon Technology™ that powers each analyzer has test-to-test reproducibility over time and across a wide temperature range.

XRF Analysis Resources

Discover how XRF analyzers are used to provide accurate elemental analysis of precious metals, including gold, platinum, silver, and rhodium.

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