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Laser Confocal Microscopes

Laser scanning microscopy is used in biological and materials science research to obtain high-resolution, high-contrast imagery of a sample. Laser microscopes can scan samples point by point, resulting in optical sectioning that can be used to construct precise 3D imagery. Our laser scanning confocal microscopes are designed with a large range of imaging modalities to meet some of the most difficult challenges in life and materials sciences. Offering high sensitivity and speed, our laser scanning microscopes enable live-cell imaging, deep tissue observation, and precise sample measurement and analysis. Choose from a range of laser scanning systems suited to a variety of scientific applications—including imaging biological samples in cancer research and developmental biology research fields, as well as metallurgical surface roughness evaluation and quality inspection of electronics such as semiconductors and EV batteries. Evident has a solution to meet your specific confocal microscope needs.

Laser scanning microscopy

Industrial Laser Scanning Microscopes

Confocal Laser Scanning Microscope for Material Analysis


  • Guaranteed measurement accuracy of 3D surface shape at the submicron level*
  • High-performance optics reduce aberration throughout the entire field of view
  • High-resolution image stitching and fast scanning speeds to quickly acquire images
  • User-friendly interface and intuitive software enabling operation by all user types

Life Science Laser Scanning Microscopes

Confocal Laser Scanning Microscope


  • Available with either galvanometer (FV3000) or hybrid galvanometer/resonant (FV3000RS) scanner configurations
  • TruFocus™ Z-drift compensation system maintains focus during live cell imaging despite changes in temperature or added reagents
  • Inverted and upright frame options to suit a variety of applications and sample types
  • FV3000 Red near-infrared (NIR) solution extends the wavelength detection capabilities to the NIR region of up to 890 nm, enabling up to 6-channel simultaneous detection for multiplexing
Multiphoton Laser Scanning Microscope


  • Optimized deep-imaging resolution and contrast with TruResolution™ objectives
  • High-speed imaging with resonant scanner
  • Extended IR multiphoton excitation up to 1300 nm
  • Triple scanner option for multiphoton and visible light laser stimulation
  • Highly efficient transmission with 1600 nm optical coatings on multiphoton-dedicated objectives and scanning unit
  • 4-axis auto-alignment of IR laser beams

Imaging Software for Laser Confocal Microscopes

Evident offers image analysis software to expand the capabilities of our opto-digital and laser confocal microscopes. PRECiV™ software provides additional advanced materials solutions that fit your analysis and inspection needs.


Simple-to-use PRECiV™ software puts you in control of your microscope so that you can perform repetitive, 2D measurements during production, quality control, and inspection operations.

Laser Confocal Resources

3 Ways the Smart Experiment Manager Streamlines R&D Workflows

The demands of R&D customers are changing, and our Smart Experiment Manager is up to the challenge. In this post, we discuss some of our latest software improvements and how they can make R&D workflows faster and more efficient.

3 Ways the Smart Experiment Manager Streamlines R&D Workflows

Surface Roughness Measurement Portal

Laser confocal microscopes are optimized for surface roughness measurement and analysis across a range of surface materials. Explore our Surface Roughness Measurement Portal to get a better understanding of surface roughness measurement, why surfaces need to be measured, and additional in-depth information such as surface roughness measurement parameters.

Basic Principles of Laser Scanning Microscopes

Basic Principles of Laser Scanning Microscopes

More in-depth information on laser confocal microscopes, including how they work, their various parts, and practical applications, can be found here in this guide.

Basic Principles of Laser Scanning Microscopes

Laser Confocal Microscopes FAQs

Which Laser Confocal Microscope Is Best Suited to Viewing Metal Surfaces?

The LEXT™ OLS5100 3D laser confocal microscope is capable of precisely measuring shape and surface roughness of metal surfaces at a submicron level. More information on surface roughness measurement of metals can be found here

Laser Confocal Microscope Videos 

Experiment Total Assist

Experiment Total Assist simplifies tasks by helping you create an experiment plan, visualize data as it’s acquired, and perform data analysis in tandem with the measurement work, reducing operation time by up to 30%.

Real-Time Macro Mapping

Real-Time Macro Mapping keeps you from getting lost in your sample by automatically creating a panorama macro map image when the stage moves, making it easy to find the location and area of interest on the sample.

Smart Scan

Smart Scan captures 3D data automatically by optimizing the imaging settings, helping to minimize variation between the different operators.

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