BondMaster Probes

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Pitch-Catch Probes

Pitch-Catch probes are ideal to detect skin-to-core disbond in composite honeycomb. The broadband probe crystals allow scanning over a wide range of composite thicknesses.

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Mechanical Impedance Analysis (MIA) Probes

Mechanical Impedance Analysis probes are best to detect smaller skin-to-core disbond on composite honeycomb. They are also a great tool to identify repaired (potted) areas.

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Resonance Probes

Resonance method is ideal to detect delamination in composite laminates or inspect metal-to-metal bonding. Resonance probes come in various frequencies to accommodate the wide range of composite thicknesses and ply structure found in the industry.

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BondMaster Probe Kits

BondMaster probe kits feature common kits approved in various procedures and work instructions.

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