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Videoscopes and Borescopes

Fiberscopes are flexible instruments that use a coherent fiber bundle to transmit an image back to the inspector's eye.

Special Feature Fiberscopes

Industrial fiberscopes, initially developed and approved for the Pratt Whitney PT6 engine, but has since become used for the inspection of many small engines and fine diameter pipework.

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Small Diameter Fiberscopes

Small diameter fiberscopes can inspect narrow areas or where access is limited and are available in 0.64 mm, 2.4 mm or 4.1 mm. Each model has an ocular focus to ensure that the individual operator's eyesight is accommodated and can be attached to CCTV and photographic equipment for image recording

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Standard Range Fiberscopes

Standard Range Fiberscopes achieve the highest image quality in 6.0 mm, 8.4 mm and 11.3 mm diameter at lengths of up to 3.0 m. All models feature four-way angulation and interchangeable optical tip adapters.

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