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Fiberscopes, or fiber optic scopes, are flexible instruments that use a coherent fiber bundle to transmit an image back to the inspector's eye. Thanks to their flexibility and small size, fiberscopes are well suited for remote visual inspections of narrow areas in critical equipment, engines, and infrastructure. Olympus fiberscopes use high-performance optics, support video documentation, and come in a range of diameters and lengths. To learn more about Olympus fiberscopes, browse our resources and FAQs below.

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Small-Diameter Fiberscopes

Our 2.4 mm (0.09 in.) small-diameter fiberscope can be used to inspect in narrow and limited-access areas. It's ocular focus can be adjusted to accomodate the eyesight of each operator and it can be connected to CCTV for image recording.

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Fiberscope Resources

What Are Industrial Fiberscopes?

Industrial Fiberscopes are ideal tools for performing remote visual inspections. This learn page further explores Industrial Fiberscopes, what they are, and how they work.

What Are Industrial Fiberscopes?

Fiberscopes FAQs

What is a fiberscope?

A fiberscope is a flexible instrument made of fiber optic material with a lens on one end and an eyepiece on the other that is used to inspect narrow areas.

How does a fiberscope work?

Fiberscopes work by using fiber optic bundles, which consist of numerous fiber optic cables. These bundles have an eyepiece on one end and a lens on the other end. The lens end of the fiberscope is inserted into the examination area (usually a small, hard-to-reach place). Through total internal reflection, the image is transferred to the eyepiece or to a computer systemscreen where it can be viewed by the user.

What are industrial fiberscopes used for?

Industrial fiberscopes, or fiber inspection scopes, are used to nondestructively inspect narrow passageways in industrial equipment and systems. They are often used to perform quality assurance checks on the condition of equipment throughout the life of the asset.

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