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Circuit Pattern Inspection on Wafer Samples

Sample of Wafe
Sample of Wafer


When microscopic observation of both the circuit pattern and color of a wafer sample is required, the conventional method calls for darkfield illumination for the former and brightfield illumination for the latter, with repeated switching between the two techniques. This method of observation is time consuming because image acquisition is required for each technique when creating a report.

The Olympus solution

MX63/MX63L industrial microscopes for semiconductor/FPD inspection provide an efficient alternative to conventional observation methods: the MIX lighting function. With MIX illumination, circuit patterns and the color information of wafers can be observed simultaneously. The sharpness and clarity of the MIX image help improve work efficiency and report creation.

Features of the products

  • Streamlined workflow
    MX63/MX63L microscopes are equipped with functions that help make the inspection workflow easier from start to finish with a level of performance that is equally efficient in a cleanroom environment.
  • User-friendly
    The settings of MX63/MX63L microscopes are easy to adjust owing to functions that assist in focus, light intensity, and aperture control. The simplified operation of MX63/MX63L microscopes enables even less experienced operators to perform inspections under the proper observation conditions.
  • Advanced imaging technology
    Built on decades of optical experience, MX63/MX63L microscopes provide clear, sharp images, helping to ensure reliable measurement results.
  • Modularity
    The modular design of MX63/MX63L microscopes enables users to choose from a wide array of optical components to suit their particular application needs. The desired system can be built without excessive investment costs.


Brightfield illumination
The color of the wafer is visible, but the circuit pattern is unclear.


Darkfield illumination
The circuit pattern is clear, but the color of the wafer is invisible.


MIX illumination (brightfield and darkfield illumination)
Wafer circuit patterns and color information can be observed simultaneously with sharpness and clarity.

Olympus IMS

The MX 63 and MX63L microscope systems offer quality observations for 300 mm wafers at largest, flat panel displays, print circuit boards, and other large samples, featuring the versatile functions and ergonomic, user-friendly designs. The flexible module design provides optimal observation systems for diverse inspection purposes. By the combination with OLYMPUS Stream image analysis software, your inspection procedure from observation to report generation can be simplified and streamlined.
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