Industrial Microscopes

Fully Customizable

The MX63 series is designed to enable the customer to choose a variety of optical components to suit individual inspections and application needs. The system can utilize all observation methods. Users can also select from a variety of OLYMPUS Stream image analysis packages to suit individual image acquisition and analysis needs.

Two Systems Accommodate Diverse Sample Sizes 

The MX63 system can accommodate wafers up to 200 mm while the MX63L system can handle wafers up to 300 mm with the same small footprint as the MX63 system. The modular design makes it easy to customize the microscope for your specific requirements





IR compatibility

Infrared observation can be conducted with the IR objective lenses, which enable the operators to nondestructively inspect the inside of IC chips packed and mounted on a PCB, utilizing the characteristics of silicon that transmit infrared light. 5X to 100X IR objectives are available with chromatic aberration correction from visible light wavelengths through the near infrared.

IR compatibility 01

IR objective lenses

IR compatibility 02

Original image

IR compatibility 03

With chromatic aberration

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