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Phased Array Tutorial - Table of Contents

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Ultrasonic phased array testing is a powerful NDT technology and one whose use is growing rapidly, however it can seem complex to a person who has not worked with it. This self-guided tutorial is a basic introduction to ultrasonic phased array testing, both for newcomers and for more experienced users who want a review of basic principles. It begins with what phased array testing is and how it works, then outlines some considerations for selecting probes and instruments, and ends with links to phased array application notes and a phased array glossary. In addition to text and illustrations it includes a series of interactive Flash files as learning tools.

1.0 Introduction

1.1 Introduction to phased array ultrasonic testing
1.2 A brief history of phased array testing
1.3 Types of equipment currently available
1.4 What is a phased array system?
1.5 What do they do?
1.6 Advantages of phased array as compared with conventional UT

2.0 Transducers

2.1 Conventional transducer construction
2.2 Conventional beam characteristics
2.3 Wave front dynamic properties in conventional probes
2.4 Composite monolithic transducers
2.5 Single element transducer characterization
2.6 Inside a phased array transducer
2.7 Phased array transducer characteristics
2.8 Phased array wedges
2.9 Phased array pulsing and its effects
2.10 Focal law sequencing
2.11 Beam shaping
2.12 Beam steering
2.13 Grating lobes and side lobes
2.14 Focusing with phased array probes
2.15 Phased array probe selection summary

3.0 Imaging Basics

4.0 Phased Array Instrumentation

4.1 Overview
4.2 Instrument block diagram
4.3 Important specifications
4.3.1 Conventional instruments
4.3.2 Phased array instruments
4.3.3 Calibration and normalization methods
4.3.4 Combined phased array and conventional UT instruments

5.0 Anatomy of Phased Array Display

5.1 Anatomy of Phased Array Display
5.2 Focal Law Setup
5.3 Straight Beam Linear scans
5.4 Angled Linear Scans
5.5 Focal Law Sequence
5.6 Defect Positioning
5.7 Interpreting Sector Sector

6.0 Typical Applications

6.1 List of current applications notes

7.0 Glossary of Phased Array Terms

Glossary of Phased Array Terms

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