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Investments in Quality Training and Equipment—Concocting a Recipe for Inspection Success

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Kakivik Asset Management inspector inspecting a pipeline using Evident ultrasonic inspection technology in snow-covered Alaskan oilfield

Kakivik Asset Management, a leader in asset integrity management and inspection services, recently held an intro to phased array class at their Anchorage, Alaska office. The training was attended by nearly two dozen ultrasound specialists and was conducted by Shane Walton from the University of Ultrasonics. Evident provided the equipment used for the training.

Kakivik Asset Management NDT inspection technicians at the University of Ultrasonics training with OmniScan image on large display

The 40-hour class focused on the application of 0° phased array (PA) for corrosion mapping in the Alaskan oilfields. While North Slope UT inspections have remained largely unchanged over the years, with technicians manually scrubbing pipes of all sizes, the evolution of ultrasonic technology has paved the way for new methods of inspection.

Phased Array Training on Advanced OmniScan Flaw Detectors

During the training, each table in the conference room was equipped with an OmniScan™ X3 or MX2 unit, along with an assortment of PA probes and wedges. After an introduction to the theory behind phased array, the participants learned how to set up for angle inspections, primarily for weld inspection. Once the basics were covered, they got to work building a C-scan, which is an X-ray-like image, using an encoder connected to a cable that measured the probe’s travel distance.

The addition of phased array ultrasonic testing (PAUT) capabilities to our product line provides Kakivik with yet another tool to utilize to bring the best NDT services to their clients. Though the majority of ultrasonic testing utilized may not warrant advanced PAUT applications, incorporating this ability will provide a faster, more accurate testing solution to those scenarios where conventional ultrasonics may not be the best fit.

It Pays to Invest in NDT Training

Investing in employees' training and development is crucial for any organization's growth and success. It not only benefits the employees by enhancing their skills and knowledge but also contributes to the overall efficiency and profitability of the company. By investing in this University of Ultrasonics training for its nondestructive testing (NDT) group, Kakivik Asset Management helps ensure it can continually provide turnkey inspection solutions to its customers.

Moreover, the NDT equipment used plays a significant role in the accuracy and reliability of inspections. Evident continues to advance our industry-leading technologies with continuous hardware and software improvements. A notable addition is the recent innovation of our phase coherence imaging (PCI) technique. We also place a strong emphasis on technical support and training. Evident is committed to improving the NDT industry and consistently contributes to its training needs with a variety of free educational content.

This symbiotic relationship between Kakivik, the University of Ultrasonics, and Evident is a prime example of a recipe for success for others in the NDT industry. By investing in their employees and providing them with high-quality equipment and training, asset owners and other inspection services companies like Kakivik can help themselves stand apart in a competitive market.

Why This Type of Partnership Is Important to the NDT Industry

Hear from the Experts

Shane Walton – University of Ultrasonics

Q: What sort of courses does the University of Ultrasonics offer?

We offer an array of ultrasonic testing (UT) courses at the University of Ultrasonics, including UT Levels 1 and 2, phased array (a 3-week course), conventional UT crack sizing, conventional UT weld exams for detection, characterization, and sizing (UTSW), time-of-flight diffraction (TOFD), total focusing method (TFM) and full matrix capture (FMC), ASNT ISQ prep courses, API UT exam prep courses, a collection of online refresher courses, and also bespoke courses tailored to clients’ needs.

Q: What differentiates your training school from others?

At the University of Ultrasonics, we specialize in ultrasonic testing methods. We live, breathe, eat, and sleep UT. Our instructors are veteran field techs who not only understand the theory but also have spent years practicing and honing their craft on the job site. Our staff and instructors are well versed in the various UT methods, codes, and general practices in a wide range of industry fields, including oil and gas, aerospace, structural, fabrication, marine, nuclear, and other power generation. Our staff has also been involved with various code-related activities for ASME and AWS. In addition to our training, we also provide comprehensive consulting services to our clients, everything from building a UT or PAUT program from scratch, through to helping design advanced inspection procedures for challenging applications.

Randy Sulte – Kakivik Asset Management

What role does the NDT group play at Kakivik?

As our customers plan to complete their annual regulatory mechanical inspection programs, Kakivik provides a turnkey solution for piping, pipeline, tank, and vessel inspection and risk mitigation. The unique skills offered by our highly trained NDT technicians and specialists enables us to give customers an inspection service offering that other companies are unable to match.

Why is investing in employee development and training important for Kavivik’s future?

Enhancing one’s skills and continually learning are key to staying relevant in today’s marketplace. If you are not moving forward, then you are falling behind. We feel it is important to offer our employees the opportunity to improve their skills, gain new certifications and transform NDT from being a job into a valuable and profitable long-term career. Our hope is by doing so, and through other offerings, we help build loyalty and retention within the company, reducing turnover and bringing long-lasting, sustainable value to the customer and the company.

Emilie Peloquin – Global Advanced Product Support Director, Evident

What are some support options owners and training organizations can request from Evident?

For many years, Evident has put a strong emphasis on its technical support force. It doesn’t matter where you are on the globe, Evident has a technical presence to support your needs. In the Americas, our team of experts have a dedicated Tech Lab to work on special applications, which means you can find out, at no charge, whether the application you’re trying to resolve will work with our technologies.

Evident also has been partnering with training centers and schools for close to 20 years! Our global Academy currently counts over 70 training members and is increasing every year. When you join us as a trainer, in addition to direct support from our team, you get exclusive technical content to help build your curriculum and promotion support to reach a wider audience for recruiting students. Trainers that are part of the Evident Training Academy can also benefit from educational posters and joint training activities such as “lunch learns” and exclusive webinars.

How does Evident support the NDT industry as a whole?

Evident tries to be as involved as possible in the NDT industry. We empower our employees to dedicate time and resources to volunteering and be truly involved within the NDT community. Evident produces and makes available a lot of free educational content, from podcasts, eBooks, tutorials, videos (such as our Evident Around the World series), webinars, and webcasts (Inspection 360, for example). Sharing our knowledge is one of the basics tenets of how we do business.

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August 30, 2023
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