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Aaron Baensch

Principal Geologist, Olympus International Mining Group

Aiko Wakamori

Marketing Specialist, Metrology Solutions Strategy

Alain Le Duff

Scientific Project Manager

Alex Thurston

Applications Engineering Manager
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Alexandre Gregoire

Product Application Leader

André Lamarre

Business Development Director, Cloud and IoT Solutions

Andrew Cardamone

Applications Scientist, Analytical Instruments

Angélique Raude

Strategic Marketing Manager, NDT, Evident EMEA

Annegret Janovsky

Product Marketing Manager

Archana Senthikkumar

Product Specialist, Portable NDT

Azer Gunes

Product Marketing Manager

Bayard Morales

Product Marketing Manager, Remote Visual Inspection

Benoit Cabirol

NDT Product Application Specialist

Betsy Kenaston

Marketing Specialist, Portable NDT Instruments

Brandon Reitz

Sr. Applications Engineer

Britta Frenzel

Associate Product Manager, Research Microscopy

Bruce Wang

Deputy General Manager

Bülent Peker

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Life Science

Calvin Jory

Product Marketing Specialist, Ultrasonic Flaw Detectors

Charles Janecka

Associate Product Manager, Remote Visual Inspection

Chi-Hang Kwan

Level 3 Scientist

Coleman Flanagan

Director, Portable NDT Instruments

Colm Kinsella

Senior Sales Specialist, Industrial Solutions

Curtis Dickinson

Sr. Applications Engineer

Dakota Kirby

Senior Applications Engineer, NDT

Daly Souissi

Global Markets Director, Fuel and Energy

Damien Blondel

Global Director, Product Marketing, Analytical Instruments

Dane Burkett

Applications and Marketing Manager, Analytical Instruments

Deng Jian

Application Engineer

Dennis Chai

Sr. Product Manager, NDT Solutions, APAC

Dianne Hillhouse

Business Development Manager, Inspection Services Industry

Dillon McDowell

Senior Applications Scientist, Analytical Instruments

Dirk Bachman

Application Specialist

Dominique Blanchette

Technical Communication and Marketing Manager

Dong Rip Kim, PhD

Associate Professor of School of Mechanical Engineering, Hanyang University, South Korea

Dr. Christina Hesseling

Product Manager, Industrial Equipment

Dr. Christopher Lane

Head of Customized Solutions, Evident EMEA

Dr. Daniel Richter Jr.

Professor, Soil Science and Forest Ecology

Dr. Michael Gazley

Principal Consultant, Geochemistry

Dr. Norbert Radomski

Project Manager

Dr. Peter Büscher

Application Specialist

Dr. Sergej Bock

Solution Manager, Global Customized Solutions Group

Edgardo Jimenez

Senior Sales and Marketing Manager, Analytical Instruments

Edwin Zheng

Application Specialist, Analytical Instruments

Eero Laine

Sales Engineer, Sintrol

Emilie Peloquin

Executive Director, Global NDT Applications Engineering

Faizal Sahib

Sales Specialist, Olympus New Zealand

Florin Turcu

Application Specialist

Francesco Piscani

Applications Specialist

Francisco Nuñez

IE Sales Specialist, Olympus Iberia

Franco Pascua

Senior Product Specialist

François Laflamme

Systems Product Manager, Olympus Canada

François Vicat

Global Business Development Director, Manufacturing

François-Côme Beaupré

General Manager, NDT Business Unit, APAC Evident Scientific, Singapore

François-Côme Beaupré

General Manager, NDT Business Unit, APAC, Evident Scientific, Singapore

Frank Lafleur

Product Manager, RVI

Gary Luckett

Senior NDT Specialist, EMEA

Ghislain Morais

Product Leader, Eddy Current Product Line

Greg Bauer

Product Manager – Cloud & IoT Solutions

Guan-Lu Zhang

Product Manager, Cloud and IOT

Hafees Fraisada

Sales Manager, Indirect Sales

Hamish Rossell

Product Applications Manager, Olympus Corporation of the Americas, Scientific Solutions Group

Harry Guo

Product Application Specialist, Nondestructive Testing

Heiko Gäthje

Senior Trainer, Training Academy

Heiko Küchler

Sales Specialist NDT Germany

Hendrik Brouwer

CEO, Energy Efficiency Engineering (International) Pte., Ltd (EEE)

Howard Yu

Application Specialist, Analytical Instruments

Jeffrey Wells

Systems and Integrations Sales Manager of the Americas

Jennifer Caban

Sales Engineer

Jennifer Wrigley

Senior Product Manager, Scientific Solutions Group

Jiyoung Moon

Marketing and Communications Manager

Joel Drapeau 

Product Application Leader
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Jose Brum

XRD Scientist

Josh Litofsky

Application Scientist, XRF Technologies

Joshua Low

Assistant Manager

Julia Kagiliery

Student / Undergraduate Researcher

Junko Uehara

Marketing Specialist, Remote Visual Inspection

Kampoj Verma

Sales Leader, Industrial Microscope Division

Kanako Shiozaki

Marketing Communications Specialist
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Karen Paklin

Applications Scientist

Karl Federle

Key Account Manager

Kazuhiko Yamanouchi

Optical Developer

Kei Tomoyoshi

Marketing Specialist, OEM Microscope Components

Kristopher Lee

Manager, Marketing Communications

Lauren Dos Santos

Product Specialist, Analytical Instruments

Liam Hanna

Product and Application Specialist for Remote Visual Inspection

Linna Wang

Product Application Engineer, Industrial Microscopes

Liu Pei

NDT/ANI Technical Manager

Louis-Philippe Gendron

Application Product Leader

Marc Silverstein

Product Manager, Industrial Microscopes

Marcel Lucas

Technical and Sales Support Specialist

Marcel Lucas, Ph.D.

Tech. Sales Support Specialist II, Industrial Microscopy Olympus

Marcus Lake

Global Business Development Manager, International Mining Group

Markus Fabich

Senior Manager, Strategic Marketing

Masakazu Wada

Marketing Specialist, Remote Visual Inspection

Masateru Ito

Marketing Specialist, Remote Visual Inspection

Masato Yabe

Optical Engineer

Maxime Le Breton

Managing Partner, Ecotrade Group

Megan Farell

Technical Sales Support Specialist

Michael W. Hull

Senior Product Manager, Analytical Instruments

Michaël Barbeyrol

NDT Senior Specialist

Michelle Wright

Marketing Specialist, Analytical Instruments

Michika Suzuki

Marketing Specialist, Remote Visual Inspection

Mina Hong

Application Scientist, Industrial Microscopy

Narges Mirzabeigi, MSc

Product Manager, Materials Science and Industrial Equipment

Nick Eleftheriou

NDT Applications Manager

Nicolas Badeau

Robotics Specialist

Nobuaki Tanaka

Marketing Specialist, OEM Components
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Philip Graham

Content Manager

Prasanth Geddam

Product Manager, APAC NDT, Evident Scientific, Singapore

Professor David Cohen, President

Australian Geoscience Council

Qian Jiang

Applications Engineer, Industrial Microscopes

Raymond Chong

Product Specialist, Digital Imaging and Microscopy

Rebecca Bonfig

Product Manager, Confocal Microscopy

Rebecca Chandler

Staff Writer

Richard Nowak

Product Manager, NDT, Olympus Australia and New Zealand

Robert Bellinger

Product Applications Manager, Industrial Microscopes

Rod Matheson

Head of Product Marketing, Evident EMEA

Ryan Chen

OCSM RVI Product Manager

Ryan Sterling

RVI Product Manager

Ryojiro Doi

Marketing Specialist, Remote Visual Inspection and XRF Analyzers

Sabri Baba

Advance NDT Manager, United Arab Emirates, Olympus EMEA

Sam Habib

Vertical Market Leader, Natural Resources

Sarah Williams

Staff Writer

Sean Conley

Product Application Specialist

Serguei Solokhine

Director of Marketing and Communications at Skygauge Robotics

Seunghak Lee

Sales Specialist, Industrial Microscopes

Shunsuke Kurata

Mechanical Engineer

Simon Alain

Product Manager, Scanners and Inspection Solutions

Stephan Couture

Global Advanced Product Support Specialist

Steven LaBreck

Director, Global Product— Portable NDT

Suzue Izumi

Marketing Specialist, Metrology Solutions

Takeo Soejima

Raman System Section, JASCO Corporation

Takuma Saito

Sales, Industrial Microscopes

Tasha Joy

Product and Application Engineer, Industrial Microscopy

Ted Shields

Portable Products Manager, Analytical Instruments

Terence Burke

Consultant, Industrial Sales, Evident Canada

Terri Thomas

Sales Engineer, Phased Array Probes

Tim Nelson

Product Specialist II, Portable NDT Solutions

Todd Houlahan

Director, International Mining Group

Tom Nelligan

ONDT Senior Application Engineer Emeritus

Tommy Bourgelas

Director of Portable Advanced NDT Products

Tomoya Matsuzaki

Electrical Developer

Trevor Targaglia

Product Applications Leader

Trevor Tartaglia

Product Applications Leader

Vincent Lee

Product and Application Manager, Olympus Singapore

Vladimir Vermus

Business Specialist, Analytical Instruments

Walid Laouar

Sales Manager for Analytical Instruments, APAC

Wendy Tan

Application Engineer, Analytical Instruments

Wilbert Rooyakkers

NDT Specialist Olympus Netherlands

Xin Yang

Associate Product Manager

Xuming Yao

Deputy Manager of Product Applications, Industrial Microscopes

Yoichiro Kasai

Assistant Manager, NDT, Olympus Japan

Yosuke Kobayashi

Digital Microscopy Marketing Manager

Yuta Tanaka

Remote Visual Inspection Specialist
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Yvan Bisson

Global Sales & Marketing Manager, Systems & Integration

Zachariah Issa

Sales Engineer, Remote Visual Inspection

Zhitao Li

Application Engineer, Industrial Microscopy
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