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Explore the Olympus IMS Web Store from Work or Home

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Olympus IMS web store

One of our goals is to make things as easy as possible for our customers. If you need to order and receive one of our industrial products quickly, the IMS web store is a convenient way to shop online, whether you’re working from home or on site.

For customers in the United States and Canada, the web store enables you to purchase a range of products online with just a few clicks. Find everything from portable flaw detectors, thickness gages, and ultrasonic transducers to phased array and eddy current probes.

Ultrasonic transducers

A variety of ultrasonic transducers and accessories available for purchase on our online web store

A wide range of industrial instrument accessories and replacement parts are also available, including videoscope tip adaptors, XRF accessories, and XRD components.

Handheld XRF accessories and optical tip adaptors for videoscopes

Tip adaptors and XRF analyzer accessories are available to purchase on the web store

Need a transducer, cable adaptor, or some more couplant to complete your inspection job? Shop our web store to shorten your order time and access the parts you need.

3 User-Friendly Web Store Features 

In addition to providing a wide assortment of items for purchase across our industrial product lines, the web store offers a user-friendly online shopping experience with features such as:

  • Browse by product keyword or product number: a top-level search feature helps you find the exact product or part needed
  • Helpful product information: full product descriptions, sortable charts, and images help you determine the ideal product, accessory, or part
  • Convenient pricing tools: retrieve pricing information, create your own quote, and complete the order placement process via credit card
Dual transducer

Descriptions make it easier to find the product you need.

All online web store placed orders include flat rate shipping for your convenience and to reduce shipping costs when placing larger quantity orders.

  • Open 24/7 — order at your convenience
  • Create your own quotes with cart order history
  • Order by credit card

Buying online via the web store allows you to minimize downtime and focus on your inspections and analysis.

Receive Personalized Shopping Assistance

Our team is here for you to help with transducer, probe, and part replacement recommendations if you need assistance. Please contact us with your questions.

We’re also offering online remote demonstrations and would be happy to schedule one with you.

Scheduling a remote demo is easy. Click on the product category you’re interested in below, fill out and submit the short form, and a rep will reach out to schedule the demo.

Ready to explore the store for yourself? Click here to access the Olympus IMS Web Store.

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*Currently, the Olympus IMS Web Store is available to our customers in the United States and Canada.

Marketing Specialist, Portable NDT Instruments

Betsy has a technical sales and content marketing background. From 2020 to 2022, Betsy worked with Olympus’ portable nondestructive testing (NDT) portfolio of ultrasonic thickness gauges, flaw detectors, and their solutions. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree and a Master's degree from Iowa State University of Science and Technology.

June 25, 2020
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