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Olympus Remote Demonstration FAQs

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An Olympus OmniScan X3 flaw detector goes live, remotely

An Olympus OmniScan X3 flaw detector goes live, remotely

We love connecting with our customers in person and conducting product demonstrations at a customer’s site location or at one of our worldwide Olympus office locations.

When we can’t meet in person, a remote demonstration is the next best thing.

If you’re interested in learning more about our Olympus IMS Scientific Solutions and how our products can work for you and your application, schedule a remote demonstration below to find out!

How does a remote demo work?

Our remote demos include live audio and video over an internet connection, which allows us to describe and show various aspects of our instruments. Screen sharing capabilities make it simple for us to walk you through product features, data acquisition functions, and (for some devices) data management on the Olympus Scientific Cloud™.

Olympus IPLEX Videoscope

Demonstrating an Olympus IPLEX videoscope’s touch panel operation feature

Olympus NORTEC 600 eddy current flaw detector

An Olympus NORTEC 600 eddy current flaw detector is used during a remote demonstration to inspect and find small ferritic inclusions in stainless steel

Can I send you samples to test?

Yes! If you send us a sample, we can analyze it during your remote demo, send you back test results, and make product and setup recommendations—all for free! When you schedule a remote demonstration, ask about submitting a few of your samples; we can analyze them live or have the data ready and available for you during the demonstration.

How to schedule a remote demonstration?

Scheduling a remote demo is easy. Click on the product category you’re interested in below, fill out and submit the short form, and a rep will reach out to you to get the demo scheduled.

In the meantime, please visit our Olympus Industrial Resources webpage for a variety of content, including videos, webinars, tutorials, and application notes.

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Betsy has a technical sales and content marketing background. From 2020 to 2022, Betsy worked with Olympus’ portable nondestructive testing (NDT) portfolio of ultrasonic thickness gauges, flaw detectors, and their solutions. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree and a Master's degree from Iowa State University of Science and Technology.

May 13, 2020
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