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Webinar - Improved Methods for the Inspection of Carbon Steel Welds

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Improved Method for the Inspection of Carbon Steel Welds using the NORTEC 600

April 8, 2015

This Webinar is an introduction and overview to the carbon steel weld inspection solution in oil and gas and power generation applications using the NORTEC 600 eddy current flaw detector. Attendees will learn about the powerful benefits of this solution and its advantages compared to magnetic particle inspection. Attendees will be shown the main features of the NORTEC 600 instrument and will learn why the NORTEC 600 is an ideal package for carbon steel weld inspection. Attendees will see a live demonstration and witness the simplicity and performance related to this inspection.

You will learn about:

  • application presets
  • detection through paint or thin coatings
  • defect depth and length evaluation
  • alternate calibration methods that facilitate interpretation of signals
  • benefits of the solution for rope access
  • archiving and reportig the results


Tommy Bourgelas

Tommy Bourgelas is the Product Manager for Olympus Eddy Current Testing and Bond Testing line of products and has worked for Olympus for nearly 15 years. Prior to his current position he has been working to develop (ECT and BT) applications, improve existing products, define and contribute to develop new products, and has performed numerous trainings on the said technology and products.

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