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Step-by-Step Guidance

The dynamic user interface reduces desktop clutter and confusion by only displaying the tools and functions you want to use. The interface guides you through every step of the process, including image capture, image processing, and report creation. Both simple and complex measurements can be easily conducted using the software’s intuitive set of tools.

Simple Layouts

The software’s organized layouts contain the minimum necessary functions for performing the required tasks. Simplified layouts help streamline the inspection workflow and efficiently guide users through the inspection process.

Image acquisition: capture your image with a simple mouse click

Tools for Live Images

Estimating the pore size using live digital reticules (Cross section of die casting) 

The software supports live image functions for instant feedback. The software enables you to interact with the live image, which is automatically calibrated, and perform quantitative measurements.

Quick Panorama and Extended Depth Focus

Quickly create images of samples that extend beyond the standard depth of focus or the field of view. The instant extended focus image (EFI) function uses the fine focus adjustment to combine many images taken at different Z-levels to build a single combined image that is entirely in focus. Instant multiple image alignment (MIA) makes it easy to create panoramic images simply by moving the XY stage; a motorized stage is no longer necessary.

Instant EFI image of crystal: fully focused image is created even in low-contrast sample areas

Instant MIA image of a coin

Recall Acquisition Setting

Quickly recall previously used camera settings to capture repeatable images with a consistent look and feel. When using a motorized microscope, this function can automatically recall previous hardware settings. If you’re using a BX, GX, or MX series microscope, the software guides you to manually recall settings.

Operation Step Operator A Operator B
Different operators use different settings

Easily verify the correct settings

Synchronize observation settings

Regardless of different operators, the settings are the same

3D Solution

3D profilometry of wear track

This solution creates height maps from stacks of images acquired automatically or manually at different Z positions. The resulting image can be visualized in three dimensions using the surface view. Measurements, such as 3D profiles and height differences between two or several points, can be performed, and the results exported into workbooks and Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.

Guided Operation for Specific Analyses

The software guides you through the correct order of functions when performing image analysis, including methods that comply with most common international standards. When using a motorized stage, the alignment feature speeds up your work on multiple sample locations. 

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Automatic Calibration

The automatic calibration feature uses a standard micrometer to calibrate the microscope and automatically generates a calibration report. This helps eliminate user variability in the calibration process for more reliable measurements. 

Automated Inspection Tools

The software’s automated tools can create a very large set of data in just a few minutes. Automatic magnification calibration using a calibrated grating reticle helps ensure that your images are displayed with the proper scale bar and that your measurements are confirmed. Large areas can be imaged automatically using motorized XYZ stages, enabling the creation of images of large parts with high resolution.

Sharp and high-contrast MIA image of integrated circuit (IC) pattern (dark field observation with 20X objective lens)

Quantitative Information That Matters

The software tools features quantitative information about your sample. Interactive measurements on live and still images provide the basic dimensional information (length, area, and diameter), and the results are directly visible on the image. 
Advanced interactive measurements include the magic wand and complex polygonal shapes for semiautomatic area measurement, while the count and measure solution provides access to more than a one-hundred single particle parameters for quantitative analysis based on the threshold method.

Basic measurement (supra conductor)

Magic wand (supra conductor)

Object detection (supra conductor)

Efficient Report Creation

Creating a report often takes longer than capturing the image and taking the measurements. With the software, you can repeatedly produce smart and sophisticated reports based on predefined templates.  Editing is simple, and reports can be exported to Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint. In addition, the software’s reporting tool enables digital zooming and magnification on acquired images. Report files are a reasonable size for easier data exchange by email.

Professional report summarizing particle counting data

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