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DSX Solutions to Digital Microscope

Have you ever encountered following problems? DSX has solutions!

DSX offers solutions to the common problems experienced by digital microscope users.

DSX solves the low-quality microscope image.

DSX’s advanced optics and stable frame assure both high-quality images and easy operation.

Thanks to DSX’s objective lenses, which combine high NA, long working distances, and unprecedented evenness of light intensity, glare is minimized and color reproduction is real. Flare and distortion are eliminated, unlike with other digital microscopes.



DSX solves the problem that the trust of a client might be lost due to unreliable measurement.

The precision of DSX digital microscopes is guaranteed because they are designed and engineered for accurate measurement and most factors that cause uncertainty have been eliminated.

DSX uses the same telecentric optics utilized in measuring instruments, eliminating variation in measurement results. Even if the point of focus is changed, there is no change in the size of the target of observation.


DSX solves the problem that appropriate observation mode is not used, because of complicated observation mode setting.

With DSX, a single click changes the observation mode, so any operator, beginner or expert, can achieve the same levels of operation.


DSX solves the problem that sometimes, manual calibration setting causes a serious error of measurement.

DSX automatically assesses changes in magnification and measurement settings, so the risk of calibration error is eliminated.


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