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DSX Solutions for Digital Microscope Users

If you've ever experienced any of these challenges, DSX microscopes can help.

High image quality is required.

Advanced optics and a stable frame help ensure high-quality images.

The microscopes’ objectives combine a high numerical aperture (NA), long working distances, and even light intensity to minimize glare and distortion while providing accurate color reproduction.



Measurements must be reliable.

The DSX510 and DSX510i offer guaranteed measurement accuracy*.

DSX microscopes have the same telecentric optics used in measurement instruments, helping ensure accurate results. Even if you change the focus point, there’s no change in the size of the observation target.


*The accuracy guarantee is based on conditions set by Olympus.

Specific observation modes are required for certain applications.

With a DSX microscope, you can switch observation modes with a single click. Beginner and expert users can acquire the same high-quality images.


Manual calibration can cause serious measurement errors.

The microscope automatically assesses changes in magnification and measurement settings, minimizing the risk of calibration error.


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