Industrial Microscopes

Intuitive Guidance for Maximum Productivity

The clear structured user interface not only makes cleanliness inspection repeatable and reproducible but also easy for experts and non-experts alike.

The OLYMPUS CIX100 system delivers enhanced performance and productivity through the entire inspection process and is designed to make cleanliness inspection easy for inspectors of every experience level. The software provides step-by-step guidance through the complete cleanliness inspection. Intuitive workflows improve productivity and confidence in results while reducing cycle time, cost-per-test, and handling errors. The result is a system optimized to maintain high quality standards. 

Easy for everyone

Step-by-step the intuitive interface guides operators of any experience level through the complete investigation process and minimizes inspection and process time for daily use.

OLYMPUS CIX100 redefined the user operation and make cleanliness inspection easy for everyone even by non-experts. Every kind of user produces inspection data they can rely on. The system reduces complicated adjustment by extensive. The intuitive workflow is based on just three steps: Inspect sample, Review results and Create Report. The system reduces complicated adjustment by extensive user guidance leading through all process steps in respect of international standards and by a maximum use of automated functions.

Reliable Data

The system reminds to perform automatic system checks for precise results on a regular basis; and pre-configured and customized system configurations supports the operator on daily purposes.

The combination of a pre-configured, pre-calibrated system and intuitive user interface helps make cleanliness inspection easy for inspectors of every experience level.

Storage and Sharing

All data is saved automatically. The data management section is where users can access all of the archived samples and their associated data and reports for revision or information distribution. 

Management Tools

The OLYMPUS CIX100 system enables administrators to control which users have access to different parts of the system. Depending on an operator’s level of experience, the system administrator can define variable roles and choose which functionality to assign to operators. Power users may have access to the complete system setup, while inexperienced users can be limited to basic workflows. This functionality helps ensure that inexperienced users generate reliable results. 

User rights allows the administrator to define roles for operators with marked-off functionality

Touch Screen Support

High performance by touch technology

The OLYMPUS CIX100 software’s large buttons are suitable for working with the system’s modern and efficient touch-screen technology.

Inspection Configurations

The OLYMPUS CIX100 system is already configured and calibrated when it is delivered but can be easily modified and customized to your applications and requirements.

Inspection configurations are used to specify all of the parameters for sample inspection, including rules for the characterization of particles, setting particle families, and types. 

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