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Smarter Manufacturing with Award-Winning In-Line XRF Analysis

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Vanta iX in-line XRF analyzer wins a Ringier Technology Innovation Award for Smart Manufacturing

We’re proud to announce that our Vanta™ iX in-line XRF analyzer won a 2023 Ringier Technology Innovation Award, earning a top spot in the Smart Manufacturing segment. Recognized as a standout in the Core Components category, the Vanta iX analyzer seamlessly integrates rapid elemental analysis of metals and alloys into manufacturing production lines.

The Significance of the Ringier Technology Innovation Award

Based in China, the prestigious Ringier Technology Innovation Awards recognize the best new ideas, methods, products, and technologies moving the industrial manufacturing industry forward. The award signifies an innovation that enhances production efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and user convenience in manufacturing. Importantly, these improvements have the potential to save energy and enable cleaner manufacturing processes.

Vanta iX in-line XRF analyzer wins a Ringier Technology Innovation Award for Smart Manufacturing

The Ringier Technology Innovation Award for Smart Manufacturing in the Core Components category

Evident accepts the Ringier Technology Innovation Award for Smart Manufacturing

Tan Sihan, XRF application engineer, and Hua Yong, senior director for the communications division at Evident China, represented the Evident team to accept the Ringier Technology Innovation Award for Smart Manufacturing in August 2023.

Celebrating the Innovations of the Vanta iX In-Line XRF Analyzer

Smart manufacturing is the process of using the latest advanced technologies (such as automation, big data, and connected machinery) to increase the efficiency of manufacturing procedures. To celebrate winning a prestigious award in smart manufacturing, we want to share what makes the Vanta iX analyzer so “smart” in metal manufacturing environments! Some noteworthy features include:

1. Speed Meets Precision on the Production Line

The Vanta iX in-line XRF analyzer merges speed with precision. As items such as metal and alloy bars progress down the production line, our analyzer scans each one to provide real-time insights into its elemental makeup. This instantaneous feedback is invaluable, as it empowers manufacturing teams to identify defects quickly and make fast decisions to optimize production.

2. Built for Modern Manufacturing

Designed to run non-stop, the Vanta iX analyzer is durable and built for maximum uptime, aligning with the fast-paced demands of today's manufacturing environment. Companies around the world depend on the analyzer for 24/7 feedback that drives insights and boosts efficiency.

3. 100% Inspection for Metal Parts Fabrication

One of the Vanta iX analyzer's most valuable features is its ability to deliver 100% inspection for metal parts fabrication, meaning every part is inspected to meet your specific requirements. Automated material verification coupled with precise alloy identification helps ensure that your product adheres to the highest quality standards. From metal bars and rods to tailor-made components, you can trust the Vanta iX analyzer to validate that your products are made of the correct metals and alloys.

4. Helping Power Industry 4.0

The knowledge that the Vanta iX analyzer can provide is indispensable for 24/7 process control and Industry 4.0 practices. Offering material confirmation and lot/heat control, the analyzer makes sure your production process is ready for the digital age. This level of precision doesn’t just enhance your end product; it's a testament to your commitment to innovation and quality, making a statement to customers and stakeholders alike.

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September 12, 2023
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