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2 luglio, 2012

Olympus Introduces the IPLEX TX, the First Articulating Videoscope to Feature a 2.4 mm Diameter Insertion Tube

The new IPLEX TX, the world's only articulating videoscope with a 2.4 mm diameter tip, enables remote visual inspection inside parts with very narrow openings. The IPLEX TX contains a user-friendly articulation controller with exceptional response time for accurate orientation of the scope tip inside intricately-shaped objects. The IPLEX TX also boasts a special resin tube featuring 200 times more abrasion resistance than conventional extra-thin fiberscopes, thus providing exceptional protection of the insertion tube. This added feature stands up to the rigorous demands of constant use during routine inspection of castings, molds, and other parts with small cavities.

The IPLEX TX produces exceptionally bright and clear images using WiDER™, an innovative technology that reduces halation effects during inspection of metal objects. This, in turn, facilitates detection of abnormalities and provides improved inspection quality and efficiency. The IPLEX TX also features a large 6.5 in. LCD monitor for precise viewing of tiny defects such as blurs and scratches.

Dust-proof, drip-proof, and designed for compliance with IP55, this durable unit performs reliable inspection even under harsh manufacturing environments. The IPLEX TX also features an effortless interchangeable insertion tube, and a compact, portable body with an integrated Lithium-ion battery for added ease of use in the field and at the job site.

The unit's efficient image management system enables inspectors to save viewed images to a USB flash drive as high-quality JPEG images and MPEG-4 movies. For detailed inspections, the IPLEX TX comes equipped with a 1 GB USB flash drive capable of storing over 3,000 images or 30 minutes of video. The IPLEX TX also has a title input function that can be used to easily add titles for report generation, or to perform efficient image diagnosis.

The IPLEX TX is ideal for inspection of narrow spaces and rugged test environments such as castings and other rough surface metals. Boasting a compact size and the world's smallest (2.4 mm) articulating scope, the IPLEX TX is the ideal choice for remote video inspection.

* As of July 2, 2012

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luglio 02, 2012
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