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1 febbraio, 2010

Innov-X Proudly Announces a New Breed of Handheld XRF Analyzers

The DELTA Line of X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) Analyzers sets new standard in Field Portable XRF Analysis

Innov-X Systems, Inc., proudly introduces their new family of handheld XRF analyzers -- the DELTA Line. The result of Innov-X's extensive field portable instrumentation experience and innovation leadership, the DELTA Line satisfies an urgent demand in the analytical industry. That is, a handheld XRF fully ruggedized to industrial standards -- including no PDA or movable display -- to withstand harsh environments while at the same time providing peerless analytical performance.

Innov-X founder and CEO Don Sackett remarked, "I am really proud of the accomplishments of our development teams. They've redesigned our analyzers from the ground up to create a true inspection tool that is both analytically superior AND rugged enough for virtually any environment - NO COMPROMISES. The DELTA analyzers feature the latest technology to optimize analysis throughput and uptime."

Smart on the Inside

  • Ultra-fast measurements for high throughput
  • State-of-the-Art technology and redesigned geometry for outstanding analytical performance, speed and lower detection limits
  • Excellent light element measurement capability in air or vacuum

Tough on the Outside

  • Weatherproof, rugged industrial-grade body
  • Superior field use ergonomics with overmolding and rubberized grip
  • Rear facing, bright Blanview™ touchscreen display for superior visibility in bright or dim conditions
  • External heat-sink engineered for extreme temperature, high-power use
  • True hot-swap battery capabilities - replace battery without restarting analyzer

Exclusive to Innov-X's DELTA Line of analyzers is their auto-calibrating, auto-charging docking station. With the unique, first of its kind DELTA docking station, operators never have to power their analyzer off - the station charges the analyzer battery and a spare, and periodically performs a calibration check. Remove the analyzer anytime for immediate testing - industrial efficiency at its best.

Analyzer upgrades and trade-ins are available at any time. Our Zero Obsolescence, Zero Risk Guarantee demonstrates Innov-X's commitment to providing a clear path to our next technology. For more information on the DELTA series of handheld XRF analyzers or any of Innov-X's other portable and on-site XRF & XRD products, please go to: http://www.olympus-ims.com/.

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febbraio 01, 2010
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