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TomoVIEWER is a free software for phased array and ultrasonic data viewing. This software gives you the capability to load data files generated by TomoView, OmniScan MX with PA and UT modules (version 2.0R2 or higher) and OmniScan MX2 with PA and UT modules (version 3.1 or lower). TomoVIEWER software runs on Microsoft Windows XP Pro with SP3, Microsoft Windows Vista, and Microsoft Windows 7.

Free TOFD analysis tools in TomoViewer !

TomoViewer now includes the TOFD analysis tools free of charge, providing an ideal offer for TOFD-oriented OmniScan users. The TOFD analysis tools include the Lateral Wave Synchronization (LWS), Lateral Wave Removal (LWR) and SAFT processing features. A complementary layout has also been added to make the PC-based analysis of TOFD data more convenient in TomoViewer.

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