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Order Number:N4142300
BN-VF815UWIE Battery for Series C<br>
Order Number:N2965222
Smart SMBus Desktop Charger Charges NC2040OL24 10.8V, 2.4Ah batteries
Order Number:N4131010
IB-1 Battery for IPLEX UltraLite
Order Number:N4131300
BCS-1 US Charger for IPLEX UltraLite
Order Number:N1267242
JL-2PLUS/OL-0 Battery charger USA plug<br><br>Charges NP-L7S batteries<br>
Order Number:K90000041
Replacement power supply for IPLEX LX/LT/MX-II battery charger (p/n N2964900)
Order Number:MM128600
UltraLite AC Adapter
Order Number:N4138800
Mains Power Cable
Order Number:N4138400
10.8V, 2.9Ah, 31Wh Smart SMBus Li-Ion Battery Pack with LCD meter For use with IPLEX MXII, IPLEX LT, IPLEX LX, IPLEX TX, IPLEX RT, IPLEX RX
Order Number:MM164900
A/C Adapter for Main unit (LT/LX & RT/RX)

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