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Visual Inspection Solutions

When you need to inspect difficult-to-access areas, Olympus borescopes and visual inspection equipment are portable, intelligent solutions that meet the demands of modern industrial inspections. A host of advanced, intuitive features and a wide range of borescope, videoscope, and fiberscope lengths, diameters, and viewing options make our remote visual inspection solutions versatile for many applications.

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Remote Visual Inspection Equipment

Industrial Videoscopes

Industrial Videoscopes

Outstanding image quality and brightness delivered to high-resolution LCD monitors enable inspectors to see into difficult-to-access locations, such as the inside of an engine or turbine. Simple to use and offering advanced features, including HD video, 3D modeling, and video/image recording, Olympus videoscopes are leading visual inspection tools.

Industrial Fiberscopes

Fiberscopes are flexible instruments that use a fiber bundle to transmit images back to an ocular that inspectors look into. Their small diameter permits visual inspection in limited-access areas.

Videoscope and Borescope FAQs

What is a borescope?

A borescope is a type of remote visual inspection device that consists of a rigid or flexible tube that transmits images back to an ocular or screen. Inspectors use these devices to look inside difficult-to-access areas.

What is the difference between a videoscope and a borescope?

Videoscopes are a type of borescope. Borescopes are simpler instruments with fewer features. Videoscopes are versatile, durable visual inspection tools that offer many leading-edge features, including video/still image recording.

How do videoscopes and borescopes work?

Videoscopes have a small sensor chip in the tip of their insertion tubes that enables them to capture video and still images. The sensor sends these images to an LCD screen where they are viewed by the inspector. Many modern videoscopes also have an LED or laser diode light source located in the tip of the insertion tube. Borescopes are simpler instruments that transmit images through a flexible or rigid insertion tube back to an ocular or screen.

What is the difference between a borescope and an endoscope?

Industrial endoscopes and videoscopes are interchangeable terms, and both refer to the same type of instrument. Endoscopes/videoscopes are a more advanced type of borescope that has video and still image recording capabilities.

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