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Webinar: Introducing the EPOCH 6LT Portable Flaw Detector

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This webinar introduces the benefits and features of our new EPOCH® 6LT portable ultrasonic flaw detector. The EPOCH 6LT flaw detector combines an ergonomic design with powerful ultrasonic functionality in an instrument built specifically for rope access and high portability applications. From form factor to the user interface, the design of the EPOCH 6LT flaw detector is optimized for user comfort, making it easy to use with one hand, so rope access inspection technicians and users that require high portability can do their work comfortably and efficiently. The flaw detector’s workflow is simple and straightforward, enabling technicians to spend more time on their inspection and less time adjusting the instrument. Despite the instrument’s small size, it has the features and functions to meet the requirements of nearly any conventional ultrasonic inspection application, including all the core functionality of the popular EPOCH 650 flaw detector and EN12668-1:2010 compliance.

Coleman Flanagan is the Senior Product Manager for Ultrasound and Phased Array Flaw Detectors. He has over ten years of experience in the NDT industry managing global support, training, and resource materials for ultrasound products and is responsible for the future development of Olympus ultrasound and phased array flaw detectors.

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