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Webinar: Advantages of Eddy Current Array over Magnetic Particle and Penetrant Testing for Inspecting the Surface of Carbon Steel Welds

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The use of eddy current array (ECA) technology has already been shown to increase the speed of inspections and the reliability of the surface inspection process. However, inspecting the surface of the carbon steel welds used in pipelines and pressure vessels represents many challenges for this technology. The geometric shape of the weld crown, the paint thickness, the presence of crest and crowns, and the ferromagnetism of the carbon steel are constraints. New tools have recently been developed to help overcome these challenges. A new orthogonal-type ECA probe based on flexible printed circuit board (PCB) technology conforms to the shape of the weld to help ensure flaw detection. Dynamic lift-off compensation and depth sizing tools were then added to a modern flaw detector, resulting in a leading-edge solution that can potentially replace magnetic particle testing for carbon steel weld inspection. With these inspection tools, users can fully benefit from the portability, imaging, data archiving, and reporting capabilities of eddy current array instruments. In this webinar, we review this new carbon weld inspection solution and present results that demonstrate the solution’s effectiveness for inspecting carbon steel welds. This presentation is technically advanced and is addressed to NDT operators and engineers.

Tommy Bourgelas
Olympus NDT Canada – A subsidiary of Olympus Scientific Solutions Americas, Inc.
Product Manager, Eddy Current and Bond Testing product line

Tommy has worked for Olympus NDT, formerly known as R/D Tech, for 16 years. Prior to his current position as Product Manager for eddy current testing and bond testing products, he worked to develop eddy current and bond testing applications, improve existing products, develop new products, and has trained numerous individuals on ECA and bond testing technology.

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