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The GageView and GageView Pro Interface Programs are Windows-based applications that collect, create, manage, and print data from Olympus thickness gages and flaw detectors.

GageView is compatible with gage models 35DL, 35DLHP, and MG2-DL. It provides the following capabilities:

  • Creating Datasets and Surveys
  • Editing stored data such as thickness data
  • Viewing Dataset and Survey file information including thickness readings, waveform, gage setup values, and transducer setup values
  • Downloading and uploading thickness surveys to and from the Panametrics ultrasonic thickness gages
  • Exporting Surveys to spreadsheets and other programs
  • Collecting snapshot screens (graphical data sent by a thickness gage that duplicates the exact screen display)
  • Printing reports such as Thickness, Setup Table, Statistics, Color Grid, and others
  • Upgrading gage operating software

GageView Pro is compatible with flaw detector models Epoch 4, Epoch 4B, Epoch LT, Epoch 4 PLUS, and Epoch XT, as well as the gage models listed above. When used with flaw detectors, GageView Pro provides the following capabilities:

  • Exporting thickness or amplitude data saved on the Epoch to Excel, Word, or similar programs
  • Create, format, and manage test databases
  • Export real-time screen snapshots, including B-scans, to a PC or printer
  • Import and export setups between the Epoch and a PC
  • Set up inspection plan templates, including pre-loaded probe calibrations, IDs, and memos
  • Create a custom DGS probe library
  • Upgrade Epoch operating software
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