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Portable Flex Stand Sample Chamber for DELTA Handheld XRF Analyzers

The Flex Stand for DELTA Handheld XRF Analyzers is a lightweight mobile test stand with a shielded sample chamber for use in benchtop and field testing. The Flex Stand is configurable for use with any DELTA Handheld XRF Analyzer in either horizontal or vertical orientation. This new cost-effective accessory features a compact, simple and hands-free method for testing small samples, standard size sample cups, and bagged samples.

Flex Stand: Horizontal Configuration

In the horizontal configuration, the DELTA’s touch screen user interface is accessible, eliminating the need for a computer. The sample is positioned in the chamber with an adjustable platform and secured with a groove and/or three-position ramp.

Flex Stand
Flex STand Horizontal

Flex Stand: Vertical Configuration  

In the vertical configuration, the chamber securely attaches to the top of the analyzer which allows the sample to rest on of the analyzer’s measurement window.  The sample chamber support stanchions tuck neatly into the underside of the base for storage. The base accommodates the use of the DELTA’s optional AC battery adapter.

Flex Stand Vertical
Flex Stand Vertical

The DELTA XRF analyzer is secured to the test chamber with a simple push-and-click motion and is easily released with a convenient bar pull. The test chamber is made of tungsten impregnated plastic with a magnetic closure and is fully shielded so that during testing, the x-ray radiation levels are below 0.1 mREM (1µSv). The portable Flex Stand is non-interlocked and is recommended for use with 40kV DELTA XRF analyzers.

The Flex Stand weights 3.49 kg (7.7 lb) and its overall dimensions include:

  • Horizontal orientation (W x H x D): 530 mm x 331 mm x 249 mm (20.9 in. x 13 in. x 9.8 in.)
  • Vertical orientation (W x H x D): 530 mm x 490 mm x 249 mm (20.9 on. x 19.3 x 13 in.)

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