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Thickness and Flaw Inspection Solutions

Software Options

The 45MG offers five code-activated software options that makes it one of the most versatile thickness gages in the industry.

Echo-to-Echo / THRU-COAT® Option


The gauge displays the true metal thickness and ignores the thickness of the coating layer, using multiple back-wall echoes:

  • Auto Echo-to-Echo
  • Manual Echo-to-Echo (with A-scan option only) that allows:
    • Gain Adjust
    • Extended Blanking
    • Echo Blanking

THRU-COAT Technology

Uses a single back-wall echo to measure true metal thickness. You can display the metal and coating thicknesses, each adjusted for their correct material sound velocities. There is no need to remove paint and coatings from surfaces. THRU‑COAT measurements use the D7906-SM, D7906‑RM, and D7908 dual element transducers. D7906

Auto Echo to Echo Mode
Auto Echo-to-Echo mode with A-scan
Thru Coat Mode
THRU-COAT mode showing thickness of coating and steel (waveform not activated)
Manual Echo-to-Echo
Manual Echo-to-Echo adjusting the First Echo blank
Thru Coat Mode Wave
THRU-COAT mode with optional waveform

Single Element Software Option

The Single Element software option enables you to make very precise thickness measurements at a resolution of up to 0.0001 in. or 0.001 mm. Compatible with single element Microscan transducers ranging from 2.25 MHz to 30 MHz.

  • Most materials, from thin to thick
  • Plastic bottles, tubes, pipes, sheets as thin as 0.08 mm (0.003 in.)
  • Metal containers, steel coils, machined parts as thin as 0.10 mm (0.004 in.)
  • Cylinder bores, turbine blades
  • Glass bulbs, bottles
  • Thin fiberglass, rubber, ceramics, and composite materials
  • Curved areas or containers with small radii

Single Element High Penetration Software Option

This option allows you to use low frequency single element transducers (as low as 0.5 MHz) to measure thick or highly attenuating materials such as rubber, fiberglass, castings, and composites. Included is the Single Element option.

  • Most thick or sound-attenuating materials
  • Thick cast metal parts
  • Thick rubber tires, belts
  • Fiberglass boat hulls, storage tanks
  • Composite panels
  • Resolution of 0.01 mm (0.001 in.) for transducer frequencies of 0.5 MHz and 1.0 MHz

Optional Data Logger and PC Interface

The 45MG has a full-featured internal bidirectional alphanumeric data logger that is designed to easily store and transfer thickness readings and waveform data. The data logger option includes the GageView™ Interface program.

Data Logger Option

  • Internal memory of 475,000 thickness readings or 20,000 waveforms with thickness readings
  • 32 Character File name
  • 20 Character ID# (TML#)
  • 6 file formats: Incremental, Sequential, Sequential with custom point, 2-D Grid, Boiler, and Manual (from PC) GageView
  • Internal and removeable microSD memory cards
  • File copy with the ability to copy files between internal/removable microSD memory cards
  • Standard USB communication
  • Two-way transfer of single element transducer setups
  • Onboard statistical report
  • Onboard DB Grid View with three programmable colors
  • GageView™ interface program communicates with the 45MG
    • using the USB port
    • or read and write to a microSD memory card
  • Direct export of internal files to microSD memory card in Excel compatible CSV (comma-separated values) and .txt format.

color coded grid easily flags out-of-tolerance thickness condition
When viewed on your PC a color coded grid easily flags out-of-tolerance thickness conditions.

Measurement report
Measurement reports can easily be generated and printed containing measurements, ID, and other parameters.

OnBoard DB Grid Vie
Onboard DB Grid View with three programmable colors

GageViewInterface Program

  • Included with the Data Logger option
  • This Windows-based application collects, creates, prints, and manages data from the 45MG.
  • Creates datasets and surveys
  • Stored data editing
  • View dataset and survey files; including thickness readings, gauge setup values, and transducer setup values
  • Download and upload thickness surveys to and from the gauges
  • Export surveys to spreadsheets and other programs
  • Collecting snapshot screens
  • Printing reports such as Thickness, Setup Table, Statistics, and Color Grid
  • Upgrade the 45MG software
  • Download and upload single element transducer setup files

B-scan Screen
When viewed on your PC a color coded grid easily flags out-of-tolerance thickness conditions.

Live A-Scan With Waveform Adjust

This optional Live A-scan mode allows users to view the ultrasound waveform (or A-scan) directly on the gauge's display, verify the thickness measurement, and make manual adjustments to gain and blanking settings to maximize measurement performance in challenging applications. This helpful option features Manual Gain Adjust, Extended Blanking, First Echo Blank, Range, and Delay.

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