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5 ottobre, 2016

Olympus LC30 Color Microscope Camera Delivers Value and Performance

The new Olympus LC30 is an outstanding cost-effective, entry-level color microscope camera that delivers excellent performance for brightfield applications and digital documentation in both life and materials sciences. The LC30 color camera for microscopy is versatile and easy to use with features including:

  • Easy installation: Mounts quickly to any light microscope with a C-mount adaptor
  • High-quality images: Sensitive CMOS chip delivers excellent resolution
  • Fast: High frame rate enables users to navigate their samples quickly and focus precisely on areas of interest
  • Faithful color fidelity: Olympus patented color correction yields images with natural color reproduction
  • Integrates with Olympus Imaging Software: Camera seamlessly integrates with and can be controlled by OLYMPUS Stream and cellSens imaging software

The camera’s sensitive CMOS sensor delivers up to 37 frames per second (fps) making the Olympus LC30 fast and easy to control. Users quickly can create fully detailed images that are ideal for documentation and accurate measurements. The sensitivity of the LC30 camera can be increased by using various binning modes.

The Olympus LC30 camera accurately reproduces and records colors using a patented-color correction technology; Olympus color correction uses precisely calibrated International Color Consortium (ICC) profiles for optimal color reproduction. The technology works in real time to deliver excellent color fidelity exactly at snapshot time, without require any time-consuming processing afterwards.

The LC30 integrates easily into existing microscope setups. The camera uses a single USB 2.0 cable for high-speed data transfer and power supply, and it can be mounted quickly and easily on any microscope equipped with a standard C-mount adaptor, making it simple to install. The camera integrates with Olympus cellSens and OLYMPUS Stream imaging software to help ensure a seamless interaction between the microscope, camera, and additional devices, delivering intuitive and efficient operation. With Olympus imaging software, it is easy to use the camera to its full potential and deliver proven solutions for a broad range of imaging needs, including image commenting, interactive measurements, archiving, and report generation.

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ottobre 05, 2016
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