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26 gennaio, 2016

Simplify Materials Science Applications with the New Olympus BX53M System Microscope and New OLYMPUS Stream 2.1 Software

Combining ease of use with expanded functionality, Olympus’ new BX53M System Microscope makes it easy for users to quickly and accurately undertake a variety of analytical tasks. When combined with new OLYMPUS Stream 2.1 Image Analysis Software, the BX53M simplifies workflow from observation to measurement, analysis, and reporting. The BX53M’s user-friendly design features easy-to-adjust aperture settings and a new LED illuminator that enables users to change observation methods by simply turning a dial. A host of advanced features make the BX53M the ideal tool for metallurgical analysis: 

  • Quickly restore previously used settings for repeatable test results
  • Advanced imaging functions including directional darkfield and MIX illumination

- Directional darkfield illuminates the sample from the side with the ability to control the direction from a handset or OLYMPUS Stream 2.1
- MIX combines directional darkfield with brightfield, polarized light, or fluorescence, providing new ways to see features 

  • 150 mm × 100 mm flat-top stage accommodates larger samples

OLYMPUS Stream 2.1 Image Analysis Software adds even more functionality to the BX53M. New instant MIA makes it simple to capture high-resolution images with a wide field of view by simply using the XY controls of the manual stage to stitch multiple images together into one large detailed image of the entire sample. Stream 2.1 solution modules use an intuitive interface that guides users through every step of the imaging process, and complex tasks are made even more efficient through a range of advanced features: 

  • Seamless pairing with Olympus coded hardware including the BX53M
  • Straightforward interface with step-by-step user guidance
  • Instant EFI creates 3D images and enables height measurement on the profile
  • Quick recall of previous settings for excellent reproducibility
  • Detailed, customized reports

The seamless integration of the BX53M and Stream 2.1 provides a fast, efficient workflow from observation through report creation.

BX53M System  Microscope and OLYMPUS Stream 2.1 Image Analysis Software. 

Dial on LED illuminator to change observation method (left) and aperture stop adjuster (right)

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gennaio 26, 2016
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