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26 ottobre, 2012

Olympus Releases New, Advanced Software for DELTA Handheld XRF Analyzers

Olympus NDT is pleased to announce the release of new, advanced software for DELTA handheld X-ray fluorescence (XRF) analyzers which provides three new analysis modes - GeoChem, Precious Metals and RoHS Plus. The new DELTA Geochem Mode combines the low concentration capability of the Soil Mode with the accurate handling of percent level concentrations of the Mining Plus Mode. The new DELTA Precious Metals Mode is dedicated to the measurement of gold and silver alloys with gold karat identification and a gold plating alert function. The new RoHS Plus Mode provides DELTA 50kV analyzers with multi-beam capability for both alloy and plastic calibrations.

The new, advanced DELTA Software provides several other performance enhancements including enhanced averaging, mode specification, and PC data and logo upload. DELTA measurements can now be averaged in two time-saving ways - live averaging or selected historical "shots" averaging. All mode parameters can now be tuned to the customer's application, increasing the flexibility and specificity of the DELTA. PC Software data uploading has been streamlined to bypass profile loading for improved speed. There is also a utility to load a custom logo into the PC Software to generate printed reports with that logo.

The Olympus NDT DELTA Handheld XRF analyzers offer cutting edge electronics and X-Ray technology, as well as innovative software features that make DELTA analyzers fast, userfriendly, and easy-to-operate. These analyzers are engineered for continual use, achieving thousands of tests per day in some applications, even in extreme environments. Every DELTA is engineered for rugged toughness and analytical precision for alloy, metal and elemental measurements.

For more information on DELTA Handheld XRF Analyzers, please visit http://www.olympusims. com/en/xrf-xrd/delta-handheld/delta-alloy/.

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ottobre 26, 2012
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