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Industrial Microscopy Webinar Series

What’s New in Industrial Microscopy Webinar Series

Olympus OlS500 and monitor

Join our microscopy application specialists as they dive into useful information about inspection methods, techniques, and tools to help anyone involved in industrial microscopy.

The Advantages of MIX Illumination

Learn the advantages and powerful features within Olympus’ MIX illumination mode. Join us to understand how benefits such as halation reduction, glare removal, directional darkfield, and mixing up to 3 illumination techniques into a single live image can give you the most informative image. Whether you are using an Olympus DSX1000 digital microscope or a legacy microscope that is running OLYMPUS Stream™ software, join us to find out how MIX illumination can help you get the most out of your equipment.

Presenter: Rob Bellinger

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Making a Better Design of Experiment with the Smart Experiment Manager

The Smart Experiment Manager, combined with Olympus' new Smart Lens Advisor, makes building an effective design of experiment easy and efficient. Learn how these new LEXT™ OLS5100 laser confocal microscope features can speed up the design of experiment process and reporting by up to 30%. The Smart Experiment Manager saves time during experiment preparation, helps ensure data completion, improves error proofing, and provides clear data visualization tools as you work. See for yourself how much the Smart Experiment Manager can improve your workflow.

Presenter: Doug Kennedy

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Fluorescence Microscopy and Its Applications in Industry

Fluorescence microscopy is often considered as a technique geared toward examining biological samples. However, fluorescence microscopy is also a powerful tool for industrial applications. From detecting cracks and other defects in materials to evaluating semiconductors for contaminants, fluorescence microscopy facilitates the inspection of diverse industrial samples. There are multiple Olympus microscopes capable of fluorescence microscopy, such as the DSX1000 and the BX53M. In this webinar, we discuss the fundamentals of fluorescence and demonstrate the advantages of utilizing fluorescence for a broad range of industrial applications.

Presenter: Dr. Megan Farrell

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Roughness Parameters—How to Select the Most Meaningful One?

Information on surface roughness is usually captured with a single parameter, Ra. However, Ra only captures limited information on surface topography variations. The limited information from Ra forced engineers to define hundreds of additional roughness parameters that quantify characteristics such as period, shape, sharpness, volume, and predominant orientation. Faced with this multitude of parameters, it is difficult to determine which one is most meaningful to a specific application. Using examples from different industries, this presentation describes a consistent method to identify the most meaningful roughness parameter(s) for your application.

Presenter: Dr. Marcel Lucas

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Moving Cleanliness into the Digital Age

In this presentation, I will briefly outline the cleanliness process as it is widely understood—from extraction to reporting—and then identify and discuss problems commonly encountered in the cleanliness process such as record management, sample preservation, and time investment. Once these issues have been identified, I will discuss how the CIX cleanliness inspection system can solve these issues reliably and repeatedly. The attendees will learn about the process if they are new to cleanliness generally and will also learn how the field of cleanliness has moved into the digital realm. The focus will be on the CIX100 system and its USPs, but I will also discuss how standards have adapted to digital inspection.

Presenter: Hamish Rossell

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Presenter Bios

Presenter Rob Bellinger

Rob Bellinger, Product Applications Manager
Olympus Scientific Solutions Americas (OSSA)
Rob has been with Olympus for 15 years. As a Product Applications Manager, he provides application support for Olympus industrial microscope systems in the US, Canada, and Latin America.

Presenter Doug Kennedy

Doug Kennedy, Advanced Microscopy Sales Manager
Olympus Scientific Solutions Americas (OSSA)
Doug has a BSE and MSE in Industrial Engineering from Arizona State University. After many years in the semiconductor industry, he joined Olympus in 2003. Doug now runs the national sales effort for Olympus’ advanced digital and laser confocal microscopy solutions.

Presenter Dr. Megan Farrell

Dr. Megan Farrell, Technical Sales Support Specialist
Olympus Scientific Solutions Americas (OSSA)
Megan joined Olympus in 2020 as a technical sales support specialist for industrial microscopes. She has seven years of research experience, and her work involved various types of microscopy. She completed her BS at the University of Tennessee and her Ph.D. in chemical engineering at the Pennsylvania State University.

Presenter Dr. Marcel Lucas

Dr. Marcel Lucas, Application Specialist
Olympus Scientific Solutions Americas (OSSA)
Marcel is an Application Specialist in Olympus Scientific Solutions’ Industrial Microscopy division. He obtained his Ph.D. in Materials Science from the University of Manchester, England. He has over a decade of research experience in optical microscopy and laser spectroscopy. Research interests include polymer composites, nanomaterials, biofuels, and the phase transformation of graphite to diamond under shock compression. He was also a Project Engineer in a material testing laboratory specialized in metallography, mechanical testing, and failure analysis on metallic materials.

Presenter Hamish Rossell

Hamish Rossell, Applications Manager
Olympus Scientific Solutions Americas (OSSA)
Hamish has been working for Olympus America for over three years, supporting the entire industrial microscopy product range, and most recently supporting the industry adoption of digital cleanliness inspection. His background is in materials engineering, with a passion for the aerospace industry.

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