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23 June, 2008

Innov-X Systems Awards Portable XRF Academic Research Grant (Louisiana University)

Congratulations to Dr. Ju Chou, Assistant Professor at the Chemistry and Physics Department of Southeastern Louisiana University at Hammond, Louisiana, on receiving an Innov-X Systems Academic & Research Relations Grant Award. Dr. Chou's research project, Impact of Katrina on Environmental Contaminations of Soils in New Orleans, is being carried out in the metropolitan areas affected by Hurricane Katrina. Dr. Chou is working in conjunction with Terri Ilgen and Garrett Clement. According to Dr. Chou, "The toxic metals such as lead, arsenic exposure in soil samples increased in New Orleans area after Katrina. The concentrations of lead and arsenic detected in many soil samples exceeded EPA drinking water standards. Environmental threat from heavy metals becomes a serious problem in New Orleans area, thus it is important to regularly monitor heavy metals in soils samples." Her research team "will conduct an environmental assessment and identification of public health threats caused by exposure to environmental contaminants such as lead, arsenic, mercury, cadmium, copper, etc." They "will monitor heavy metals in soil samples in the New Orleans areas and will provide environmental impact of hurricane Katrina in sediments on site. The research will focus on detections of environmental contaminant metals in soils and waterway sediments onsite."

Portable XRF provides fast and simple in-situ elemental analysis of Mg through U, from PPM to high percentage levels. In a matter of seconds, it allows simultaneous measurements of up to 25 elements. The Innov-X Academic Relations Program encourages and supports research into applications that in-situ XRF measurements expand or enhance a knowledge base. It puts the power of portable XRF in researchers' hands allowing them to take it to the field, where it really counts. Innov-X Academic Research Grants include the loan of an analyzer, technical training and/or consultation, and sponsorship at a technical conference to present the research findings.

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June 23, 2008
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