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1 December, 2008

OLYMPUS Ultrasonic Flaw Detectors Feature Phased Array Imaging Capabilities

Olympus is pleased to introduce the EPOCH 1000 Series Digital Ultrasonic Flaw Detectors with Phased Array imaging capabilities. The EPOCH 1000, EPOCH 1000 iR, and EPOCH 1000 i provide advanced conventional ultrasound capabilities for both the standard and advanced level inspector. These portable instruments can also be integrated into small systems for high speed scanning and single channel imaging. They come standard with a host of high performance features, including a 6 kHz maximum Pulse Rate Frequency (PRF) with single-shot measurements for accurate high speed scanning applications, tunable square wave pulser with PerfectSquare™ technology, digital high dynamic range receiver, and comprehensive digital filter sets for exceptional signal-to-noise clarity.

The EPOCH 1000 Series comprises three instrument configuration levels to suit many inspection needs. The EPOCH 1000 is an advanced ultrasonic flaw detector that can be upgraded with phased array imaging. The EPOCH 1000 iR provides the same ultrasonic flaw detection as the EPOCH 1000 with the benefit of upgrading to phased array with simple remote activation. The EPOCH 1000 i comes standard with phased array imaging in addition to the ultrasonic flaw detection capabilities of the EPOCH 1000.

All EPOCH 1000 Series instruments feature new horizontal case style with full VGA sunlight readable display, knob and arrow keys for parameter adjustment and navigation, and full EN12668-1 compliance. Designed to meet IP66 environmental rating and tested for shock, vibration, explosive atmosphere and wide temperature ranges, these instruments can withstand operation in harsh inspection conditions.

"The EPOCH 1000 i flaw detector offers the ideal combination of conventional ultrasound with the benefits of built-in phased array imaging capabilities at an affordable cost," says Karen Smith, VP of Sales and Marketing at Olympus NDT. "The best part is that all EPOCH 1000 Series flaw detectors feature the highest level of conventional ultrasound performance in portable flaw detection."

The EPOCH 1000 i incorporates phased array imaging capabilities to enhance conventional single-channel inspections. This advancement in inspection capability allows greater probability of detection of flaws, better visualization of areas of interest, and increases inspection efficiency by allowing simultaneous inspection of multiple focal laws and various angles in a single scan, eliminating the need for multiple probes and/or wedges. This permits operators to perform code-compliant inspections according to conventional ultrasonic standards with the advantages of phased array imaging. Available with a standard 16:16 probe element configuration, the EPOCH 1000 i offers many flaw sizing features to aid nondestructive inspections. It comes standard with A-scan and S-scan (sector scan) views, as well as reference and sizing cursors for improved flaw size evaluation. The EPOCH 1000 i also provides DAC/TVG capabilities for every focal law, allowing flaw characterization of a selected A-scan based on an acquired DAC curve.

The new EPOCH series also boasts a portfolio of standard and optional visualization features to aid inspection, including SureView TM, which mimics the responsiveness of an analog instrument CRT display, and adjustable video filtering in phased array mode for image smoothing. Combined with other exceptional features, these visualization capabilities provide enhanced interpretation of indications and secure the EPOCH 1000 series as the premier single channel conventional flaw detector with phased array functionality in the NDT market.

The addition of the EPOCH 1000 Series of flaw detectors complements an already extensive portfolio of portable ultrasonic instruments from Olympus. Inspectors now have the choice to select from a variety of models based on features, applications, technology and cost. Olympus, as pioneer in portable phased array technology, is committed to providing portable and automated flaw detectors that are of the highest quality and are designed with the user in mind.

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December 01, 2008
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