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Latest: IPLEX GX/GT Software Update – v1.40

Latest: IPLEX GX/GT Software Update – v1.40

This program updates the IPLEX GX/GT software to v1.40.

Supported software version

v1.00 / v1.10 / v1.11 / v1.20

New features and changes of this program

Below is the new features and changes of this program:

1. Supports secure wireless data transfer with IPLEX Desktop app.

  • IPLEX GX/GT shall be attached with the recommended USB wireless LAN adapter.

2. Enhanced security

Before installing the software

1. Please read the Software License Agreement carefully before downloading the software. Downloading the software constitutes acceptance of the agreement.

2. Please make sure you have the following to successfully perform the software update:

  • IPLEX GX/GT videoscope with AC adapter
  • SDHC memory card (Note: USB drive can NOT be used for this update)
  • Computer with SDHC memory card port or SDHC to USB adapter

Downloading the software

1. Select the file you want to download from the bottom of the page.

2. When the entry form is displayed, enter the requested information.

3. Press the [Download the file] button to begin downloading.

4. When the [Download the file] dialog appears, press the [Save] button to download the software to your PC internal storage.

5. The downloaded file is a compressed ZIP format. Please decompress the file to any folder.

Update IPLEX GX/GT software to v1.40

IPLEX GX/GT Software Update v1.40

1. Connect the SDHC memory card to a computer.

2. In the root directory, create a new folder called “UPDATE”.

3. Copy ALL of the unzipped files into the “UPDATE” folder.

4. Connect to the IPLEX GX/GT to AC adapter.

5. While the videoscope is powered OFF, insert the SDHC memory card from step 1 above into the videoscope.

6. Power ON the videoscope.
Attention: Videoscope shall have continuous power from AC power to prevent accidental shut down during the update.

7. Update process will start automatically.

8. When the message “UPDATED!!” appears at the bottom of the blue startup screen, power OFF the videoscope.


9. Using your computer, delete the folder named “UPDATE” on the SDHC memory using the computer to prevent automatic activation again.

10. Go to Menu > System Setup > Version to confirm that the software version has been successfully installed.

Version to confirm that software version has been successfully installed

Select Language for DownloadVersion

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