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Latest: DSX1000 Software Ver.1.2.4

Latest: DSX1000 Software Ver.1.2.4

This program updates the DSX1000 application software to Ver.1.2.4.

This download software is an installer that can be updated and new installed.
Do not uninstall the software at the time of version upgrade, and follow the installation procedures.
The following data is deleted when uninstalling.

  • Calibration value of Maker.
    - If you wish to use calibration value of maker after reinstallation, an Evident specialist will be required to work in your environment. Please contact us if you wish.
  • Calibration value of User.
  • User settings
  • Objective lens registration data
  • Z limit
  • Observation conditions
    - After reinstallation, configure it again by the customer.

The zoom head moves up and down electrically when starting or shutting down the microscope, focusing on the sample, or moving the zoom head to the focus position at the time of replacing the lens attachment. Do not put your hands around the objectives. Your hands or fingers could be pinched.

If you are using a controller PC with 16GB of memory (RAM) and want to use the functions added after Ver.1.2.1 such as Wide range of stitching, Time-lapse, and new Analysis application(LEXT Analysis Application for DSX series), it is recommended to increase to 32GB. If you use it without adding memory, it may not work properly.
For information on how to add memory (RAM), please refer to the controller PC's website.
Please note that we cannot guarantee any injury or damage caused by adding memory (RAM).

Recommended memory ︓

Controller PC: for Z2 SFF G4

  • HP 16GB DDR4-2666 ECC Memory(Unbuffered)
  • HP 8GB DDR4-2666 ECC Memory(Unbuffered)

Controller PC: for Z2 SFF G5

  • HP 16GB DDR4-3200 ECC Memory(Unbuffered) 141H2AA
  • HP 8GB DDR4-3200 ECC Memory(Unbuffered) 141J3AA

If you wish to use a memory different from the above, please check with the manufacturer of the controller PC and the memory vendor before installing the new memory. We do not guarantee the operation of the additional memory .

Recommended expansion configuration︓

  • 16GB+16GB in 2 slots
  • 8GB+8GB+8GB+8GB+8GB in 4 slots

To check the memory (RAM), click [Start]-[Settings]-[System]-[About], and then check the "Installed RAM" item.

Version to be applied upgrade

Ver.1.1.1, Ver.1.1.2, Ver.1.1.3, Ver.1.1.4, Ver.1.1.5, Ver.1.2.1, Ver.1.2.2, Ver.1.2.3

This program is specialized for the version described above.
You cannot use this program for systems other version.

* The product version can be confirmed by selecting “Version information” from “Help” shown in the top menu of the application software.


Product to be applied


OS to be applied

Online / Offline:

 - Windows10 64bit
1803(April 2018 Update), 1809(October 2018 Update), 1903(May 2019 Update),
1909(November 2019 Update), 2004(May 2020 Update), 20H2(October 2020 Update),
21H1(May 2021 Update), 21H2(November 2021 Update), 22H2(2022 Update)

- Windows11 64bit
21H2, 22H2

Installation Procedures

1. Before Installation

”Program License Agreement” is included in this program. Please read Program License Agreement carefully before downloading. Downloading the software constitutes acceptance of the agreement.

2. Procedures to download the file

1)  Select the file you want to download from the bottom of the page.
2)  When the entry form is displayed, enter the requested information.
     * Serial No. is the number shown on the left side of digital microscope (Zoom head).

 Serial No

3)  Press the [Start Download] button to begin downloading.
4)  When the [Download the file] dialog appears, press the [Save] button to download to the Desktop of the PC, etc.
5)  The download is a compressed ZIP format. Please decompress the file.
      * To decompress the compressed file, select the file on the explorer, right-click it to display the menu and select [Open All].
      * The file configuration after decompression is shown below.


6)  Copy the decompressed file set including subfolders to portable media, such as DVD or USB, etc.

3. Installation Procedures

Please update according to version upgrade manual (DSX1000_VersionUp_Manual_EN.pdf) in the zip file.

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