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The i-SPEED series of cameras builds on the Olympus reputation for image quality, utilizing years of unparalleled experience in digital image processing. Each camera in the i-SPEED range can be completely operated by the unique CDU, independent of a PC, and is solidly constructed from aluminium housing - making them extremely portable and ideal for a wide range of industrial applications.
Video images are digitally captured onto onboard memory, where they can be written to compact flash card or downloaded via Ethernet connection to a laptop or PC.
Custom designed software provides the operator with the ability to analyze and enhance images, automatically tracking data points to generate velocity, acceleration and distance measurements.
For users requiring more specific motion analysis, Olympus is proud to partner with Xcitex, the industry leader in Motion Analysis software.


The Cyclocam high speed video camera was specifically designed for the production industry, its key feature being live playback of cyclical events in an easy to use portable solution. The integral 4" screen provides instant playback allowing the live tuning of production machinery


The i-SPEED TR high speed video camera has been designed for R&D usage where the user's primary aim is to capture high quality video images for subsequent review and analysis on a PC. With a resolution of 1280 x 1024 and a top speed of 10,000 fps the camera is suitable for the vast majority of tests.


The i-SPEED 3 high speed video camera has been designed to an advanced specification providing high resolution, extreme low light sensitivity and up to 150,000 fps recoding, making it the ideal analysis tool for high level research.


The i-SPEED FS high speed video camera was designed primarily, although not exclusively for the ballistics market the i-SPEED FS includes IRIG-B time stamping and synchronization, record speeds of up to 1,000,000 fps and 0.2 microsecond global shutter.

The i-SPEED PL is the latest addition to the Olympus i-SPEED range - designed for use by the creative media industry for the production of documentaries, commercials and music videos, the camera is intuitive, highly portable and produces exceptional quality images.

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