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Rental Program
Rental Program

Why rent from Olympus?

Olympus now has testing equipment available for rental in the United States. Our extensive rental inventory of ultrasonic, phased array, eddy current flaw detectors, thickness gages, videoscopes, and handheld XRF analyzers offers a cost-effective solution for our valued customers.

There will be times when you need extra equipment. This can be the case in peak load inspection times, when you have a special application requiring special features for a limited time, or perhaps in emergency situations. Whatever the reason, now you can call Olympus for Rentals. You can be guaranteed to recieve the newest equipment loaded with the latest software for you applicationg - straight from the manufacturer! Or you can rent the instrument you have used before and avoid the learning curve of an unfamiliar product. 

ISO and Osha certifications

You can also be assured that the rental you receive is in the best possible condition, tested by the experts before being shipped to you. If you need extra technical help, what better place to come with your questions than the experts on the equipment!

Even better, if you like what you rented, you can receive rental credit towards the purchase of new equipment. That's a win-win situation for you.

or call 24/7

Equipment rental program available
in the U.S.A. only.

Benefits of Renting from Olympus:

  • Available to meet your requests 24/7
  • Cost-effective short term solution
  • Attractive rental rates
  • Latest equipment, latest software
  • Direct from the manufacturer, the experts!
  • Functionality check of equipment before shipment
  • No maintenance or calibration costs
  • Rentals can be as short as a day or as long as many months
  • Rental credit option towards future instrument purchase
  • Reduces upfront costs
  • Great for short-term applications
  • Provides exact cost for the duration of the project
  • Now you can rent, lease, or purchase from the same source!

Download Rentals Brochure >>

For a limited time, receive 100% of 1 month’s rental to be applied towards your purchase of an Olympus NDT instrument.

Equipment Available for Rental

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