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Portable Eddy Current Flaw Detectors

Advanced portable eddy current (EC) flaw detectors inspect metallic parts and perform highly reliable flaw detection of surface and near-surface defects. A full range of portable flaw detectors is available to serve the broadest range of applications. Eddy current probes generate magnetic fields that induce current that flows in a test piece influencing the magnetic field and magnitude and phase of voltage in the coil. Applications include the detection of surface or near-surface defects, alloy sorting, and the inspection of bolt holes.

Doubler Edge Skin Crack Inspection Solution

The Doubler Edge Skin Crack Inspection solution utilizes the latest ECA technologies for subsurface detection. The C-scan allows for higher probability of detection and better reproducibility. This solution is a major step forward in terms of reduced inspection time.


The lightweight NORTEC 500 Series eddy current flaw detectors incorporate a full range of features such as internal balance coils and VGA output connector. Various models also include features such as conductivity and coating thickness, rotating scanner compatibility, and dual frequency.


The NORTEC 2000D+ eddy current flaw detector offers a frequency range of 50 Hz to 12 MHz, single or dual frequency operation, easy to use digital conductivity, and rotating scanner support making this flaw detector ideal for numerous aerospace applications.

MultiScan MS 5800 for Tube Inspection

Multi-technology system that offers eddy current, magnetic flux leakage, remote field, near field, and IRIS ultrasound technologies.

Probes for Tube Inspection

Probes for tube inspection are lightweight but solidly constructed eddy current, remote field, magnetic flux leakage, and IRIS ultrasound. These probes are used for ferromagnetic or non-ferromagnetic tube inspection applications.

OmniScan MX EC

Performs eddy current testing inspections using eddy current probes in the aerospace, automotive, petrochemical, and power generation industries in the detection of surface or near-surface defects in materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, copper, titanium, brass, Inconel, and even carbon steel (surface defect only).

Eddy Current Probes

Eddy current probes consist of the acquired brands of Nortec and NDT Engineering. We offer more than 10,000 standard and custom designed eddy current probes, standard references, and accessories.

Rotating Bolthole Scanners

The high performance eddy current Bolt Hole scanners are available for use with Nortec Eddy Current flaw detectors. Features include speed ranges from 600 to 3000 rpm, frequency ranges from 100 Hz to 6 MHz, multiple connector types, and multiple probe types, our scanners offer a full range of application solutions.

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