Inspection & Measurement Systems

Opto-digital Microscopes

The DSX series of opto-digital microscopes provide operating simplicity and absolute reliability. DSX microscopes is the culmination of Olympus leading edge digital and optical technologies.


The DSX500 is a high-resolution upright motorized microscope with 13x zoom optics. The DSX500 ensures the superior results for any experience level with it's superb operating simplicity and absolute performance reliability.


The DSX500i is a high-resolution inverted motorized scope with 13x zoom optics. This scope offers a new level of inverted metallographic microscopy with its operating simplicity and absolute reliability.


The DSX100 is a free angle wide zoom microscope with 16x zoom optics for a new generation of inspection and measurements. Employing four segment-LED ring light, this scope ensures high inspection performance.

Additional Software Solutions

Olympus Image Analysis Software further expands the capability of the Olympus Opto-digital and Laser confocal microscope lines by providing additional advanced materials solutions that fit your analysis and inspection needs.


OLYMPUS Stream is an advanced micro-imaging software that allows you to seamlessly acquire, process, and measure images, to create valuable data and reports. The software can easily be customized and provides sophisticated results with simple flexible operation.

Advanced NDT Solutions

Flaw Detectors

Integrated Inspection Systems