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MSDS Datasheets

Click on the following links to download the Material Safety Datasheets (MSDS) for each product.

Product LineProduct NameManufacturer Name US EU JA
Ultrasonic Products Couplant B Glycerine 44 kb54 kb54 kb
Couplant D Soundsafe 21 kb150kb

Couplant E Sono-900 221 kb120 kb

Couplant G Sono-600 229 kb120 kb

Couplant SWC Shear Gel 231 kb156 kb156 kb

Product LineProduct NameManufacturer NameEnglishJapaneseChineseKoreantraditional ChineseThaiFilipinoMalayEnglish (Malaysia)
Microscope Solutions HYPER CLEAN EE-3310 OLYMPUS CORPORATION 242 kb302 kb439 kb391 kb709 kb277 kb234 kb253 kb193 kb
HYPER CLEAN EE-3320 OLYMPUS CORPORATION 226 kb281 kb397 kb340 kb682 kb231 kb223 kb327 kb383 kb
HYPER CLEAN EE-6310 OLYMPUS CORPORATION 260 kb306 kb476 kb329 kb737 kb245 kb210 kb358 kb355 kb
Videoscopes, Borescopes Lens Cleaner for IPLEX Videoscopes OLYMPUS CORPORATION 107 kb207 kb

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