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Industrial Microscopes
Semiconductor & Flat Panel Display Inspection Microscopes

Olympus MX microscopes are developed with the concept to offer the highest efficiency for all our customers. MX microscopes ensure beneficial four levels, Fast start-up, Easy Operation, Failure analysis and expandability for users.


The AL120 wafer handler series transfers both silicon and compound semiconductor wafers from the cassette to the microscope stage with enhanced capabilities and flexibility, while maintaining an ergonomic design.

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The MX61A is a specially designed semiconductor microscope that allows operators to work in an ergonomically correct position and benefit from smoother operation throughout extended inspection periods, maximizing productivity and integration.

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MX61L/ MX61

The MX61L/ MX61, 300 mm/ 200 mm semiconductor inspection microscope provides exceptional image resolution and clarity through observation methods such as brightfield, darkfield, differential interference contrast (DIC), fluorescence and infrared.

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The Olympus MX51 industrial inspection microscope is cost-effective and optimized for the inspection requirements of a variety of electronic components, wafers and large samples.

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These IR Imaging Systems contain dedicated IR objective lenses and components that are corrected for chromatic aberrations and designed for 700-1300 nm wavelengths.

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The AL120-12 wafer handler is compatible with both FOUP (Load Port) and FOSB, ideal for lower cost back-end inspection. The safe and ergonomic design maintain operator safety while effectively transferring wafers including thin and warped wafers.

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Camera and Software Solutions

Digital cameras to provide the high resolution and color fidelity are available. The Olympus total solution is tied together with advanced imaging software that provides integrated operation from basic image capture to image processing, measurement and report generation.


OLYMPUS Stream image analysis software offers user guidance through all process steps for image acquisition, quantitative measurements, reporting and advanced materials science inspections tasks.

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Digital Cameras for Microscopes

Olympus Digital Cameras are exclusively designed for Microscopes and become indispensable options nowadays. All cameras are confirmed their best digital imaging performance with Olympus Microscopes and Imaging Analysis Software systems.

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