Aircraft Maintenance

Olympus offers several aircraft maintenance solutions based on both phased array and eddy current array technologies in connection with the OmniScan instrument. Surface and subsurface aluminum fuselage can be easily inspected. Ideal for enhanced speed, detection, and repeatability.

Bond Testing C-Scan

The Bond Testing C-Scan inspection solution is based on the OmniScan MX with ECT or ECA modules. This innovative solution increases the probability of detection of the pitch-catch bond testing method, as it produces live amplitude or phase C-scan images with up to 8 frequencies.

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CFRP Flat Panels Inspection Solution

The CFRP Flat Panel Inspection Solution from Olympus provides a portable solution with advanced tools such as two axes encoded C-scans with amplitude and time-of-flight (TOF) information, gate synchronization, and data recording. The GLIDER scanner is easy to use and well-suited for raster scanning with both conventional UT and phased array probes.

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Doubler Edge Skin Crack Inspection Solution

The Doubler Edge Skin Crack Inspection solution utilizes the latest ECA technologies for subsurface detection. The C-scan allows for higher probability of detection and better reproducibility. This solution is a major step forward in terms of reduced inspection time.

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ECA Surface Crack Detection

The Surface Crack ECA solution proposes an ergonomically-improved version of the SBBR-026 high-resolution ECA probe. This solution detects surface-breaking cracks at a very productive rate, even through paint and thin coatings. This is particularly well-suited for performing fast inspections of aircraft fastener rows.

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ECA Subsurface Crack Detection

The Subsurface Crack ECA inspection solution is capable of scanning through the first aircraft layer (skin) to detect cracking present on the 2nd layer, without the need for paint removal. This solution is available in two ECA probe versions (commercial and military aircrafts), both covering at least 64 mm in a single pass.

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ECA Subsurface Corrosion Detection

The Subsurface Corrosion ECA inspection solution performs rapid inspection of large areas for potential corrosion. Available in two probe versions (commercial and military aircrafts), this solution can evaluate the severity of hidden corrosion (defect depth) in an instant, without the need for paint removal.

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Friction Stir Weld Inspection

The high-end FOCUS PX specifications enable stir weld inspection (FSW) inspection to be performed at faster pace than ever before while maintaining unequaled signal quality. The high data throughput capability enables uncompressed A-scan to be retrieved without compromising inspection speed.

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Automated Composite Part Inspection Systems

Aircraft manufacturers and suppliers are under intense pressure to continually improve the inspection rates of the laminar composite parts used in planes. To meet this challenge, Olympus has developed a line of integrated instrumentation that is especially designed for high-performance composite inspection systems.

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