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ISO 인증

Evident Corporation, and Olympus Scientific Solutions Americas Corp., hold registrations for manufacturing, service and rentals under one or more of the following standards: ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2015, or ISO 45001.
Click on the following links to view the certificates for each location.

Equipment Facility Location ISO 9001 ISO 13485 ISO 14001 ISO/IEC 17025 ISO 45001
Videoscopes, Fiberscopes
Tokyo, Japan 1.36 mb

1.14 mb

Münster, Germany 701 kb

Hamburg, Germany 252 kb3.4 mb

Center Valley, PA, USA (Service) 700 kb

Digital Microscope (DSX series)
Laser Microscope (OLS series)
Tokyo, Japan

1.77 mb

Flaw Detectors
Thickness Gages
Bond Testers
X-Ray Fluorescence Analyzers
X-Ray Diffraction Analyzers
Waltham, MA, USA
State College, PA, USA
Center Valley, PA, USA (Service)
Webster, TX, USA (Service, Rentals)
Quebec City, QC, Canada
700 kb

713 kb

700 kb
Flaw Detectors, Thickness Gages Waltham, MA, USA (Service)700 kb

352 kb

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